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The Char-Broil Red 500, the Weber's Spirit E-310, and the Weber's Spirit E-210 are among the top rated smoker BBQ grills. There are several good and reliable smoker BBQ grills out on the market today, but what it really comes down to is what the buyer really wants.

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2012-04-19 16:10:22
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Q: What brands of smoker BBQ grills are the most efficient and reliable?
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Are there any gas grills that have a smoker attached?

The Boehler brand offers a line of smoker attachments to gas grills

Where can I get an affordable smoker barbecue grill? has a variety of different smoker grills, you can even get them custom made. Their smoker grills are prefect for all occasions and they offer them at a low price.

What companies make high quality smoker grills?

Companies making high quality smoker grills include Char-Broil, Masterbuilt and Good-One. High quality smoker grills are well-built, durable and controllable, and hold their temperature for a long time.

Where can one purchase a good smoker grill?

Smoker Grills can be found in almost any big retail store, such as Sears, or Target. For more sophisticated smoker grills, Katula's offers a wide variety that will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Where can I find some good info on smoker grills?

You can find information about smoker grills on the internet or you can go to your local Sears or hardware store. The sales associates there would be able to help you.

Brinkmann Grills Manufacture Smokers and Camping Stoves in Addition to Grills?

Brinkmann offers traditional grills as well as grill and smoker combinations. Gas grills are available in configurations from one to six burners. The company has seven grill and smoker combination units, including a triple unit gas and charcoal grill that also includes a side smoker. Grills as well as smokers, are also available in charcoal as well as electric units. All smokers feature a special smoker box where wood can be loaded for the smoking process. In addition to grills, Brinkmann also makes camping stoves.

Where can I find information on smoker grills?

Smoker grills can be found in home improvement stores like lowes, homedeepot, and online websites such as eBay, Craigslist or if these stores are near you you can go to true value , or even osh

Is there a store that sells a wide variety of BBQ smoker grills?

Yes there are stores that sell a variety of BBQ smoker grills they are Lowe's and Home depot and Wal-Mart are just three of them. I would try Lowe's or Home Depot for a variety of stainless steel BBQ grills.

Benefits Of A Smoker Grill ?

Smoker grills have soured in popularity. Compared with traditional grills, the smoker grill boasts many benefits. First, the smoker grill cooks meat at a slower pace. This makes it perfect for cooking things like pork and chicken. You can adjust the temperature more easily with a smoker grill. In most cases, the amount of charcoal is much less.

Which smoker barbecue grill works the best and longest for a low cost?

For me the best smoker barbeque grills is the Cabela`s Smokers. They have some with a price starting from $119.99 and up. Usually a barbeque grills last long depending on the usage and maintenance.

What effects on flavor do wood smoker grills have on food?

Just the opposite. The wood adds flavor when you use it in smoker grills. For better results use hardwood rather than softwood because hardwood last longer and gives of more flavor.

How many Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser smoker grills were manufactured in the shape of a Nascar gas can?

One Thousand

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