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most black cats are moggies and are not unlucky as many unposotive people say. no affence.

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What breed of cat do black cats fall into?

Black cats are not a particular breed, that is just their coat color. However, the Bombay can only be black.

What is my long haired lack cats breed it is very energetic and loving and has big yellow eyes?

There is no answer to it everyone says the breed is black cat so you cats breed is Black Cat

What breed is a black cat?

Many different breeds can produce black cats. It is a fur color, not a breed.

What breed of cat is black and white?

As far as I know there is no specific breed of cat that is black and white. Black and white cats can be the color of almost any breed. :)

What breed of cat has black lips?

Actually, most, if not all breeds of cats have discolored patches of black on their inner lips. There is no specific breed that has black lips.

What is a black and white cat called?

Black and white patterned cats can come from any breed. The black and white pattern can be seen in Alley, Persian, Tom and Black Mask cats.

Where did black cats come from?

the same as where all other cats come from, be it tabby, Calico, or Angora, this is a breed of cat, that just happens to have black fur.

What breed of cats look like a fox?

The breed of cats that look like a fox is the Somali breed. These cats were created by the Abyssinian cat breed.

What breed of cats has more cats?

Bombay cats have a large population and quantity of felines in the breed.

How do you breed in cats in touch pet cats?

I dont think you can breed them....

How do you breed pokey dogs on foopets?

sorry but you cannot breed pokey dogs or cats it even says it in black and white in the help areas

What breed of cats are white orange and black?

The American short hair. It cames in many colors.

Can you breed cats on Nintendogs cats?

no you cant breed on nintendogs + cats. you can breed on the first one though. if you need to know how, comment on the disscussion and ill change my answer.

What breed is a yellow and black cat?

One breed that the cat could be is a Tortie. These house cats come in both long- and short-haired versions.

What colour kittens will you get if you breed 2 black cats?

Most likely black, unless one of the parents has the recessive gene for another color.

Can Siamese cats be black?

no but the all black cat, the bombay, is a breed formed with the burmese, which is sometimes known as chocolate siamese. so sorta

Scientific name for black cat?

Black is a coat colour, not a breed of cat.All domestic cats, no matter what the breed, fall under the genus of Felis Catus, which is the Scientific name for the domestic cat.

Is there a cat breed associated with spiritualism?

Not a specific breed, no, but all-black domestic shorthair cats have long been associated with witchcraft, and that has carried over into spiritualism.

Why do cat breed?

Cats breed. In fact, all living things breed. The fact is, every specie reproduces to keep their kind alive and generating. Put simply, Cats breed to make more cats.

What breed are ginger and white cats?

Most cats do not belong to any particular breed. Coat color/pattern does not determine breed.

Why are Siamese cats worth so much money?

They are expensive as the Siamese breed of cats are bubbly, cute and funny. But some people dont like Siamese cats as they have a black patch on their face

What type is a black and white cat?

There is no particular "type" of black and white cats. The black and white coat colouring is not an indicator of the cat's breed, as several cat breeds can be black and white.

What breed are tuxedo cats?

They are not a breed but a fur pattern.

How do I breed small cats?

You might make a small cat by breeding two small cats and producing offspring. Often, a small breed will produce other small breed cats.

Why are your cats ears black around the edges?

Your cat's ears are black around the edges because that is the coloration he was born with. This is likely something common in the breed.

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