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"What breed is a Jack Russell x dachund"Where I come from this is a ditch dog or mutt puppy. It is not a specific breed it is a crossbred dog. Don't let these designer names fool you. A crossbred dog is still a cross bred dog even if it has a fancy name. A pure bred dog is a dog that retains specific characteristics with every litter produced. A crossbred dog does not retain specific characteristics. It is not registerable by any verifiable dog registry such as AKC or UKC

The fancy names are only a selling trick that, to me, is not an ethical activity. Anyone who has to create a market by calling a rose an orchid is the same as the old "snake oil" salemen of the past. Don't be conned by the con men. They are selling you something for a high price that you can find in any dogpound for $25.00.

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Q: What breed is a Jack Russell x dashaund?
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What size would a Pug x Jack Russell grow to?

both are small breed dogs average 6 to 25 lbs

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What do you call a Jack Russell x shihi tzu mix?

We call ours a Jackshit. Seriously...

How much should you pay for a chihuahua x Jack Russell x Yorkshire terrier puppy?

between 200 and 280 dollars Australian

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What temperament would a pug x Jack Russell cross have?

As you are talking about a mixed breed dog, it is very hard to say exactly what the demeanor of the dog would be. When you take two different breeds and put them together, it could have more jack Russel tendencies, more pug tendencies, or a solid mix of both, either way, it is bound to be interesting because they are two VERY different kinds of dogs. Jack's are very hyper, Pug's are NOT.... In fact, in a litter of 5 you could see 5 completely different tempermants.

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