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What breed is a Jack Russell x dashaund?

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"%22What_breed_is_a_Jack_Russell_x_dachund%22">"What breed is a

Jack Russell x dachund"

Where I come from this is a ditch dog or mutt puppy. It is not a

specific breed it is a crossbred dog. Don't let these designer

names fool you. A crossbred dog is still a cross bred dog even if

it has a fancy name. A pure bred dog is a dog that retains specific

characteristics with every litter produced. A crossbred dog does

not retain specific characteristics. It is not registerable by any

verifiable dog registry such as AKC or UKC

The fancy names are only a selling trick that, to me, is not an

ethical activity. Anyone who has to create a market by calling a

rose an orchid is the same as the old "snake oil" salemen of the

past. Don't be conned by the con men. They are selling you

something for a high price that you can find in any dogpound for


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