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Shihtzu,I think.

I suspect you are talking about a coton terrier. They are in the Bichon frise group.

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Q: What breed of dog looks like a Maltese but is larger and name sounds like tooton?
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What kind of breed is a Maltese?

Pure breed

Is the Maltese the best toy dog breed?

I believe the Maltese is a good choice of dog breed. I owned one, but it died at the age of 17. Maltese are a loving breed. The Maltese came from the island of Malta, where kings and queens could have a lap dogs. When the breed came to America their coat was admired by the people of America. I believe the Maltese is a very good breed to chose from!

What can you cross breed a Maltese with?

anything toy breed

Can you breed a Maltese dog in the same family?

you can breed

What is Danielles dogs breed?


Can you breed a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier?

You can if you want.

What is the best small dog breed?


What breed is Cody Simpsons dog?

Maltese !

Who developed the breed of the Maltese dog?


What breed of dog is a MORKIE?

Maltese and Yorkshiere

What do you get if you mix shih-tzu and Maltese dogs?

A cross breed of Shig Tzu X Maltese. Google search the breed and you can find some pictures

Which is the most expensive small breed of dog?


What canine breed is almost pure white?


How big does a teacup Maltese grow?

A Maltese is a recognized breed, but a teacup Maltese is not, so there is no official size for these very small dogs. Typically a teacup Maltese will not weigh over three pounds.

What is the most famous breed of dogs in the us?

Maltese Terriers

What is the breed name for ShihTzu Maltese Yorkie and Chihuahua?


What country is the Maltese from?

people of the ku klux clan to breed

Which dog breed is better a Maltese or a chihuahua?

Maltese's are Adorable!

What breed dog is rihanna's dog?

A maltese/poodle mix

What is the average life span of the Maltese breed?

they don't die?

Is there a dog breed called monkey-poo?

Its a malti-poo, a poodle and Maltese cross breed.

How much does a full grown Maltese weigh?

a full grown pure breed Maltese dog weighs about 5-8 pounds

What breed of dog is small and intelligent?

A maltese, toy poodle and a chihuahua

What breed is Synyster Gates dog?

Synyster Gates' dog is a maltese.

What breed is kendall Jenners dog?

American Maltese and Labrador Retrievers.