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Q: What breed of society finch has a dark brown back color a light lower belly color and a dark rich green upper belly color?
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What color is a pika?

Dark-brownish color coat with light brown belly.

What color are young fire belly toads?

they are brown and the bigger ones are green

What color is a porpoise?

a porpoise's color depends on its type. the main colors of a porpoise is brown to gray and lighter brown, gray, but usually white on the belly.

What color are Bachman's sparrow?

Bachman's sparrows are reddish brown, fading to buff on the belly.

What color does a stoat turn in spring?

A stoat turns brown with a white belly in spring.

What color eggs do banties lay?

depends on breed. can be green, blue, brown, or white

Can brown chickens lay white eggs?

Yes. Feather color does not effect the color of the egg shell, breed determines the color of the egg.

What color is the wren or the South Carolina state bird?

The Carolina wren is a brown bird with a white belly.

What is the color of sheep?

Any color you want. Brown, gray, white, tan, red, spotted. Depends on parents and breed.

What color will the foal be out of a bay stallion breed to a brown mare?

87.89% -Bay6.25% -Chestnut5.86% -Black

What color are ducklings?

it depends on the breed of duck they can be yellow, white, brown practically any colour

What is the eye colour of a Kuvasz dog?

The eye color of a Kuvasz dog breed is black or brown.

Will a black rat mate with a brown one?

It does not really matter the color or breed of rat.. just the same gender and breed if you want purbred that is.

What if your brown chicken has just laid a white egg is she ok?

the color of the egg does not depend on the color of the chicken, it depends on the breed. so your chickens fine. the color of the egg does not depend on the color of the chicken, it depends on the breed. so your chickens fine.

What color are most puppys?

brown and tan black and tan That is a dumb question. It depends on what breed and what color dog was bred and the chromosomes.

Is pinto a breed or coat color?

Pinto is a coat color and not a breed. Paint is a breed and pinto is a color that can be on any other breed that can have that coat color.

What color is king cobra snake?

This snake is usually tan, olive-brown or black in color, sometimes with light-colored bands. The belly is usually a cream or yellowish color.

Is calico a color or a breed?

Calico is a coat color, not a breed. Tabby is also a coat color, not a breed.

What color will the kittens be if you breed a black short haired cat with a grey and white main coon?

any color, they could come out brown.(:

What color is robin's belly?

a robin's belly is red

What color eggs do cochins lay?

brown you can always tell what color eggs a breed will lay by what color earlobes it has. even on roosters. red = brown white = white whitish - blue = a creamy color unless it has muffs and you cant see the earlobes. also a breed like ameraucana that lays blue eggs doesnt have blue earlobes

Are black horses and lipizzaner horses in the same breed?

Black is a color and not a breed, Lipizzaner's are born black, bay or brown and lighten to grey as they age, very few of them will remain the same color as when they were foals.

What is the breed of horse that is mainly brown but has black legs and tail?

This color is bay, and just about every breed of horse can be bay. Many horse breeds can be this colour

Why is it if you breed the black Labrador and cream colored Labrador producing chocolate brown puppies?

because mix the color together and they make chocolate color

What is a brown horse with black mane called?

Usually this type of horse is the color bay and the breed Quarter Horse. :)