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a porpoise's color depends on its type. the main colors of a porpoise is brown to gray and lighter brown, gray, but usually white on the belly.

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Q: What color is a porpoise?
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Is porpoise a fish?

No a porpoise is a mammal.

What part of speech is porpoise?

Porpoise is a noun.

Who is intelligent a dolphin or porpoise?

I believe it is a porpoise.

What is the most common porpoise?

None of the porpoises are common.AnswerThe Harbour porpoise is known as the common porpoise.

Where is the Cape Porpoise Library in Cape Porpoise located?

The address of the Cape Porpoise Library is: 173 Main Street, Cape Porpoise, 04014 7714

What is a flashy black and white porpoise?

Dall's porpoise

How does the Dall's porpoise eat?

what do the dalls porpoise eat

Is a Spectacled Porpoise a mammal?

fishAnswer.A porpoise is actually an aquatic mammal.

How to use porpoise in a sentence?

A porpoise is a small cetacean similar to a dolphin. Here are some sentences.I saw a porpoise leap from the water when I was at the beach.The porpoise swam alongside our boat.The aquarium just got a new porpoise, and they named him Benny.

Can a porpoise eat a person?

No, a porpoise cannot eat a person.

What is the french word for porpoise?

the french word for porpoise is marsouin.

What is a male porpoise called?

A male porpoise is called a bull.