What bug crawls on your head and body?

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What are the 3 body parts of a lady bug?

Head Body Legs

What are the body parts of a bug?

Head, Thorax, Abdomen.

What is a bug that has a head of a catfish but a body of a short centipede?

A pokemon.

What is a reptile that crawls on its belly?

A snake slithers on its body so it is included as a reptile that crawls on its belie.

What insect has a black head with orange body and six black legs?

An insect that has a black head with an orange body and six black legs could be a Milkweed Assassin Bug. This bug is a member of the genus Zelus.

How can you tell if a bug is an insect?

You can identify a bug as an insect if it has three body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen) and if it has six legs

What kind of bug has a blue body and a red head?

One kind of bug that has a blue body and a red or orange colored head is the Virginia Ctenucha moth. Others include a blue bottle fly and muscini fly.

What is a bug with a gold body and green head?

its some kinda Chinese jumping beetle

What is the nmae of the worm that crawls on a dead body?


Can you get sick from a Stink Bug bite?

Yes, you can get sick from a stink bug. My friend got bit by a stink bug. You can get a fever, itchy joints, head aches, and aches through your body

What bug or beetle has green head and red body stripes with wings?

The name for a beetle with a green head and red striped o its body is a Blister Beetle. Its body is segmented into three portions.

What bug has black head with red body?

A ladybug does. Not all have spots either and not all are females.

What bug is this it has a long neck that is its head body is all wings and has 6 legs?

Praying Mantis?

What type of bug has a red body and black head?

Many ants have a red body and a black head. This coloration can warn predators of any trouble before trying to eat them.

A bug with a red face and black body?

Now this bug has a black body red head i do not know what it is if you find out post it on the wiki i was just attacked by one i don't know what it dose or if it's dangerous

What bug has a red head black white wings that burrows in ground?

Its a bug that is red and it has white stripes on it body and it has wings and its not on the internet any where anyone know what it is?

What bug has Big orange head with pinchers for mouth striped body six legs?

Earwigs have a big orange head with pinchers at the end. They can also have a striped body and six legs.

What is the name for a bug with a shiny head just like a gem and woody coloured pattern on its body?

The answer is Retrochamble

What kind of bug has a head like an ant and a body kind of like an earwig?

the one you see in the mirror

What kind of bug is slightly smaller than a hummingbird but flies like one Has a black and white striped body and black and white stripes vertically on head had antennae?

humming bug

What crawls on a dead body?

Lots of different little bugs like maggots

What kind of bug has six legs is black and has a hard shell?

A cockroach is a bug that has 6 legs and is black with a hard outer shell. Their skeleton is on the outside of their body and they have 2 big antennae on their head.

What kind of bug has a tan oval shaped body with a dark brown head and 6 legs?

Stinkbugs have a tan, oval shaped body with a dark brown head. They also have six legs and brown and white markings.

How many sections of the body does a spider have?

A spider has two sections, the head and the cephalathorax (seen as "the butt" of the spider). On a bug there would normally be three sections: the head, abdomen, and thorax.

Bug with a brown body and black head that looks like an ant in your house what is it?

The acrobat ant has a brown body and a black head and is a common ant that lives inside house. They like to live in walls or under rocks and logs.