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What bugs are poisonous to cats?


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November 07, 2007 9:57PM

It's humans that do the most danger (unknowingly) to their pets. The bugs that can cause problems in your cat are: (FROM THE ASPCA!) * Some species of spiders * Wasps (if bitten by a wasp take to vet immediately!) * Hornets (same as above.) * Bees (same as above.) * Silk Worms (this can cause cats to go berserk. Take to vet immediately!) * Slugs (if a cat plays or ingests part of a slug it's not the slug, but the possibility that the slug has eaten or slid through slug bait put out in the garden areas.) * Love Bugs or March Flies (generally during cherry time) * Fireflies (certain species. Cats love to play with them.) Cats have a born instinct in most cases of what to eat and what not to eat. It's the human factor that comes into play. Here are some additional threats that loving pet owners may unknowingly be poisoning their pets with: * Poinsettias (generally given at Christmas in Western countries) and are highly poisonous. I have a cat and I give my Poinsettias to a friend without a cat. Cats love nibbling on the flowers (which is actually a leaf.) * Common toads * Adder * Marijuana (believe it or not some people get a kick out of seeing what a little Marijuana will do to their pet. It's highly poisonous and can cause the death of your cat or dog. * Sago Palms * Alcohol (watch your pet if you have guests over. Some pets are curious and others enjoy a wee nip or two. LOL I have a Bichon Frise dog and read the history of this breed and they love wine. Just for the heck of it my husband was curious to find out if it was a myth .... nope it wasn't! She just had a tiny taste so from now on we have to keep wine away from her. If she smells wine she'll climb until she gets it! Before my husband tested her on a wee drop of wine she use to beg when he had his nightly glass of wine. Little drunk! LOL * Avocado (chemical release, high in fats as well.) * Chocolate. Not all chocolate is hazardous, but why take the chance. If your cat or dog ingests chocolate then watch them closely and if you think they are not well then get your pet to the vet! * Fruits (acidic) grapefruit, strawberries, lemon, lime, oranges, etc. * Glow jewelry. If your cat plays with this (they are notorious for playing with bright shiny things) this is highly toxic. * Iron (any foods high in iron) * Human medications (NEVER self medicate your pet.) * Hydrogen Peroxide * Antifreeze. During the winter months many people will change or 'top up' their antifreeze and not clean off the residue off driveways, etc. The best way to clean up this mess is with CLUMPING KITTER LITTER. * Flies (aka: Bottle Flies and they are large and have a shiny metallic body.) * Pine needles. Although cats generally don't eat pine needles they do stick to their fur or especially the paws and they will groom themselves. * Any foods high in yeast. * Mistletoe * Mothballs (cats generally won't eat them, but again, they will play with rolling objects and get the residue on their paws and later will groom themselves and lick the residue off their paws.) * Mushrooms * Garlic (it has been a myth that putting garlic in cat or dog food for your pet will stave off fleas. Garlic is NOT GOOD FOR YOUR PET. * Onions * Chives (your cat may love to munch on chives like blades of grass which they eat to bring up fur balls.) * Sprays that gardeners put on their lawns or plants. Don't forget that cats will lay under bushes, trees, lay on the lawn (also dogs) and cats especially groom themselves often ingesting the toxins .