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Much the same as anywhere else in the world.

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What are the houses made out of in South Africa?

predominantly bricks and cement, although building materials like corrugated iron, wood and plastic are use in "informal housing settlements"

What did the ancient Chinese build their houses out of?

Poor ancient Chinese houses are made of grass and weeds however the building materials of Richer houses had tiled roofs

What are houses in France made out of?

French Building Materials most likely, Just like American Houses are built with American building Materials, and British Houses with British materials etc etc. Some houses obviously might import foreign materials and break that rule. The point is though, houses in France are built like houses elsewhere in the Western World, out of wood and bricks and plaster and cement and tiles for the roof etc etc.

What are Indian houses made from?

The materials that were available at the time and place - to put it simply. Different cultures used different building styles and materials.

Houses in Spain are made of what material?

houses in Spain are made of what materials

What are house made out of in antarctica?

There are no houses in Antarctica. Buildings are formed from materials you would expect to find on any building site.

What are houses in Africa made out of and why are they made out of these materials?

I think they are made or animal dung, mud and straw. Sounds disgusting but this mixture is very tough and excellent, especially if you are poor.

Building materials of New and old houses?

Houses in Ancient Eygpt were made out of mud-brick. They would pour the crushed pebbles and reeds together and then put it in a square frame. They would let it dry in the sun and then they would start building.

What are Chinese houses made from?

House materials.

What are kayapo houses made from?

The Kayapo's houses are made from natural materials, i don't quite know what materials but they are definitely things like wood etc.

What are Italian houses made of?

Italian houses are made of varied materials which include wood, stones, and bricks. The designs will vary and most of them will be made of several materials used together.

What type of houses do people live in the north of Spain?

The north of Spain is very diverse. In most areas, the older houses are made from stone and more modern ones are made of concrete, but there are other building materials, such as wood or brick.

What did mesipotamian people make their houses out of?

Mesopotamian houses were made of crude materials, remember that they did not have access to the advanced forms of metallurgy that we have today. Their houses would've been made of materials like wood and mud.

What are houses in China made of?

It depends on where you are, you will find that building materials range from timber and corrugated iron to fibrous sheeting. bricks , concrete, mud and straw. and so on.

What are houses in africa made from?

It depends where you are. Some are made of mud, straw, iron sheets, or normal brick houses

What building materials are made from limestone?


Is a skateboard made from building materials?


What are houses in slums made of?

they are made of corrigated iron and any materials they find

What types of houses are in Brazil?

The different types of houses in Brazil are high rise apartments, cement houses, and houses that are made out of natural materials.

What type of materials are pueblos houses are made from?

adobe bricks

What kind of materials are houses made of in Peru?

fefo and estra

What famous building in London is made out of limestone?

The Houses of Parliament are made out of Limestone.

What raw materials came to Rome from the Apennines and how were they used?

Iron: made for farm tools and weapons Wood: make the city's houses & public buildings Stone: a building material

What is Auschwitz made of?

the usual building materials that make brick building and wooden structures

How were houses made in the 1900s?

Houses were made with better quality materials in the early 1900s, and are more sturdy. However, some materials people now know to be harmful were also used in construction a house.