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What burns fats more swimming or running?

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I think it's swimming it is running but as a swimmer i will say that you work more muscle groups and it is lowwer impact on joints

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Which burns more calories running a mile or swimmimg a mile?

Running a mile will burn more calories than swimming a mile. This is due to the fact that a body in the water is weightless. When running, the weight of the body is a tremendous factor in calories burned.

Do you burn more calories swimming or running?

Swimming because there is more resistance

Is swimming as good as running for losing weight?

As a matter of fact, swimming may be better than running because it has less impact on joints and more of the body is used for swimming than running.

Does dancing burn more calories than swimming?

Dancing burns much more calories

What makes you lose weight faster swimming or running?

If you are talking about continuous swimming versus continuous running, the swimming will burn more calories, and you'll certainly loose more weight. Tried and tested personally.

Intercourse burns as many calories as running a mile?

No, running will burn far more calories.

What is more faster a cheetah running or a swordfish swimming?

A cheetah.

What things do they do in the Olympics?

They do:runningswimmingcyclingand lots lots more

Is gymnatics or swimming harder?

I personally think that swimming is harder because it requires more endurance and cardio. But gymnastics require a ton of practise and perfection. Overall I think swimming burns more calories and get your heart rate pumping.

Is Swimming a Fun and Good Sport?

Swimming is a really fun sport if you know the basics of how to swim. It keeps you fit and healthy and burns more calories than running does. Swimming in compotitions are also fun and you meet lots of friends through the sports. There are lots compotitions and clubs which envolve older swimmers - so its a sport everyone can enjoy :)

Why is swimming good?

Swimming is good for toning leg muscles and also your butt and abs too it. It's also more fun then crunches and running.

What burns more fat running or lifting weights?

You burn more running. They are very different exercises because running is aerobic while lifting is anaerobic. Both should be included in an exercise plan though.

What do verbs describe?

active words like running, jogging, swimming, and lots of more things

What is the difference between running a mile and swimming a mile if you are counting calories burned?

If you are swimming at a pretty decent pace you should burn more calories than running because you are using more body muscles, like your arms, legs, back muscles, and abs.

What is better for your health soccer or swimming?

If you want a more thourough workout, then soccer, because you are burning more calories and gaining more leg muscles than in swimming because of the running. But if you want a workout for your arms rather than your legs, than swimming would be better.

What activities help get more muscles?

Swimming is a easy activity to get more muscle mass. Also running, such as track or cross country.

Does half an hour of skipping burn the same amount of calories as running?

No, skipping burns more calories than running. Ten minutes of skipping equals half an hour of jogging.However, an hour of skipping burns 1000 to 1300 calories.

What sport burns more energy swwimming or basketball?

Swimming burns around 476 calories per hour, and basketball burns around 544 calories per hour (for a game) and 406 (non-game, like shooting free throws and dribbling).

Best work out moves for weight loss exercise?

If you want to lose weight then you need to burn a lot of calories. There are intense workouts like Insanity which burns a ton of calories but if you want something more traditionall then you can stick to swimming or running every singe night.

What is the most strenuous exercise running or swimming?

it depends on how you define strenuous. swimming is much better for your joints, as well, swimming probably uses more musles than running, as it is a whole body exercise. when swimming, you are forced to hold your breath, which exercises yor lungs and therefore the rest of your body much more than if you were running. there is also much more resistance when swimming (because of the water) making if much harder to swim a distance (ie.400m) than it would be to run it. (the world record time for 400m freestyle is 3:40.7, whereas, in track, it's 00:43.19 so obviosly, its alot more difficult to swim.)

What is the most calorie burning sport?

I found out that you burn more calories swimming than running. When you're running, you burn one-hundred calories in an hour. But when you're swimming, you actually burn at least around 250 an hour. In running, at least four-hundred out of two-thousand muscles are working. While you're swimming, almost every muscle in your body is working.

Does swiming helps in reducing weight?

yes , i guess on a frequent basics keeping a healthy diet and swimming will be more active Swimming is good cardio exercise. It burns calories, which is always important for losing weight.

What are good effects of swimming?

You get exercise. More info: Swimming uses more muscles in the body than any other type of exercise. It is great for a full cardio workout, and helps build muscles, stamina and strength. It also burns more calories than other exercises.

Does running speed affect swimming speed?

Well the faster you run, the more you are fit, so to some extent, yes.

What are the 3 basic types of fats?

The 3 basic types of fats:Saturated FatsUnsaturated FatsTrans FatsMore info:Unsaturated Fats: monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats