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insurance agents will do well

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How did the great depression affect employment?

well a lot of businesses went bankrupt and a lot of people lost their jobs do to unenployment. Winnie

Why did some businesses not do well in the 1920's?

Some businesses did not prosper in the 1920s due to the Great Depression. People were making purchases using credit and installment plans which resulted in a loss of profit.

Why did many businesses fall during the Great Depression?

no money

What effect did the great depression have on businesses?

losing most of their income.

How did Roosevelt's Square Deal affect American businesses?

It made American businesses go into great depression and lose their stock.

How was the RFC supposed to battle the depression?

by giving government loans to businesses and banks.

Who was the period After 1929 when many businesses and people lost their money?

The Great Depression

What type of businesses do well in really bad economy's?

What type of Businesses do well in bad economy's?

What problems did the US face during the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was the result of the collapse of the US economy. Businesses closed, there were runs on banks and high unemployment was the new normality. At one point the unemployment rate was as high as 25%. There were food shortages as well.

What was the relationship between government and business during the great depression?

There were no government incentives for businesses.

Why did businesses close during the Great Depression?

Businesses closed during the Great Depression because they weren't realizing the revenue the needed to remain operational. During this time people weren't working so they couldn't spend money they didn't have.

How were businesses affected by the great depression?

Well They Didnt Have Any Money To Improve Their Products So Nobody Wanted To Buy Them That's Why Woolworths Isnt Running Anymore!! Sam x

What action showed the failure of Volunteerism where businesses and individuals act in the best interest of all as a remedy for the depression?

businesses lowered wages and farmers increased production

How many businesses failed during Great Depression?

In the Great Depression, over 11,000 banks failed, and over one million family farms were lost.

How many people have depression?

well everybody has depression it is a normal emotion.

What type small businesses prospered during the great depression?

Salons/barber shops and BARS

Why did many businesses close in the 1930s?

many busnissess closed in the 1930s because of the great depression

Hoover believed that the best way to end the depression was through?

voluntary controls by American businesses.

How was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation supposed to battle the depression?

by giving government loans to businesses and banks

Why did many businesses fail during the Great Depression?

Profits were down because customers had no money.

When water is pumped from a well a depression is often produced in the water table Such a depression is called a?

Cone of depression

What businesses collapsed during the great depression?

During the Great Depression in the USA, all types of business failures were commonplace. As banks failed, so did there business clients. Overall every industry was was adversely affected by that depression.

What are the effects of lack of exercise on health and well-being?

depression depression

How did overproduction cause the Great Depression?

Over production played a role in causing the Great Depression because businesses were not cutting back on making products, however businesses were laying off workers. If a person is unemployed then he or she can not buy the products that are being mass produced. If the products were not getting bought then the businesses were laying off employee's. A circle or a chain reaction.

What time were businesses slow down and many people were unemployed?

The Great Depression in the 30's (US)