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I perfer anything in 45, but it depends on the situation. The Ar 15 is extreamly easy to use, but has to be kept clean. In Close quarters you run the risk of over-penatration. The 45 has a lot of knockdown power at close range, but fails at longer distance. In My opinion, have both and chose which fits the situation.

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What is the nomenclature of the beretta px4 storm?

You will need to contact Beretta to ge a manual

Can you put a sniper scope on a beretta storm?


Which is the most powerful co2 pistol beretta elite 2 or a beretta px4 storm?

Beretta Elite 2 has more power

Where is the serial number on a Beretta CX4 Storm?

Contact Beretta customer service through their website.

Where can you find parts for your Beretta storm?

Beretta,, gun shows, gun shops, want ads.

Which is the most powerful c02 pistol beretta elite 2 or a beretta px4 storm?

Beretta Elite Fires at 480 FPS (Feet Per Second) Beretta Storm Fires at 380 FPS. The Crosman 1377C (Amreican Classic) Fires at 600 FPS. It puts both Berettas to shame.

What is a cheap airsoft gun?

The Beretta Storm. See related link.

What mags are interchangable with the beretta cx4 storm 40mm?

None known.

What are some of the features for the Beretta cx4 storm?

The Beretta Cx4 Storm boasts a number of features, these include a retractable Picatinny rail and the ability to reverse ejection and extraction with no additional parts or special tools required.

What gun is the crosman night prowler based off of?

Beretta CX4 Storm

Will CX4 45 Storm magazine work in a beretta cougar 8045?

Believe they will. See link below- and if in doubt, why not ask Beretta? They DO have a good customer servicedept.

What is the value of a beretta Desert Storm Commentrative Model 92FS pistol?

around $1,500.

What type of gun is the CX4 Storm?

Pistol caliber carbine.

Will a beretta px4 sub compact accept a beretta 92 magazine?

Most gun dealers will tell you yes, as I have discovered that the majority of them are under the false impression that beretta 92 series mags fit the storm series guns. They do fit and lock in place, however they don't feed properly. The storm series mags are interchangeable between the Cx4 rifle and the Px4 pistols, so long as they are the proper caliber. Just because something fits doesn't mean it's right.....after all, why would beretta make specific mags for the Px4 if the existing mags from the 92 would do the job? Don't be fooled by a dealer who sticks a 92 mag in your gun and says "see? it fits!"

Blue book gun value of a beretta model CX4 storm Carbine?

100-500 USD depending on specifics

What types of bullets care you shoot through your Beretta storm?

9x19 Parabellum 9x21 IMI .40 S&W .45 ACP

Did Jackie Chan injure his body 10 times while making September Storm New Police Story?

Jackie Chan did get injured while making New Police Story but nothing serious. September Storm is the theme song from the movie New Police Story.

What is the value of a storm Rug er 357 Police Service Six?


What was the revolver used by US in desert storm?

The standard issue sidearm of US forces during the time of Desert Storm was the semi-automatic Beretta M9 pistol. Semi automatic pistols have been the standard for US sidearms since 1911, although the .38 caliber revolvers continued to appear well into the Korean War, and there are some instances of them appearing in Vietnam, as well. Some embassy security forces use a .357 revolver as their sidearm, but no revolver is service issue in any combat unit.

What does the command and control police computer system STORM stand for?

System for Tasking and Operational Resource Management

How do you breed a storm dragon in DragonVale?

The most effective way to breed a storm dragon is lightning (lv 10 right) and cold (lv 10 left). This has about a 77% success rate.

How to remove front rotors on 93 geo storm?

Jack up car, remove wheel, remove brake caliber. the rotor will pull right off

Does the beretta cx4 storm come in a fully automatic virsion?

No it is semi-auto only, there is no other version at all even for the military. It comes chambered in 9mm., .40 S&W., and .45 ACP.

When did the military and police storm the Eureka stockade?

At 3:00am on Sunday, 3 December 1854, 276 police and military personnel and several civilians stormed the Eureka stockade at Ballarat in Victoria.

What is the best ammo to use in beretta pistolsPX4 Storm 40cal 92fs?

Whichever ammo is the most reliable in the gun. For the most part, the only way to know is to shoot different types of ammo through the gun.