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What caliber shell does a Winchester Model 94 rifle take?

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It is stamped on the barrel and would be either .30-30 or .32 Winchester special as the two most popular calibers. Very early rifle might be marked 30W or 30Win.

Actually, there are a lot more possibilities than those two. This model was manufactured from 1894 until 2006 and has been chambered for everything from .22 to 38-55, including some like the .357 magnum that are usually considered revolver cartridges.

Add 44 WCF to that list.

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How does the sears model 273.27010 22 cal bolt action rifle eject the shell?

Your rifle was manufactured by Winchester as their model 121. The spent shell is removed from the chamber by action of the right and left extractors and is then bounced out by bumping agains the ejector. Look for problems there. Parts are available from

What is a Winchester model 6 pump action rifle in 22 cal short and long rifle?

The model 6 Winchester wich came from the model 1890 should be actually a short, long, and long rifle .22 catridge. Which is quite intelegent design it will chamer all rounds even if you mix them up in the tube. {and if you are woundering what a .22 long, well it is the .22 long rifle shell but a .22 short bullet. the regular .22 lr. has a longer bullet.

What does the 250 refer to in a 22-250 caliber rifle shell?

The "parent" cartridge was the .250 Savage, necked down to .22 caliber.

What kind of shell does a Winchester model 90 take?

The chambering will be stamped into the barrel next to or under the Winchester name.Model 1890's all had .22 caliber barrels, but they could be chambered in short, long, and long rifle (LR).You might even find one in .22 WRF (The fore runner of .22 magnum.)If there is no chambering stamped in the barrel, or it only says .22, it's chambered for the .22 short.The reason being that it was made before .22 longs and LRs were commercially available.

Was the Model 1912 Winchester 20 gauge chambered for the magnum shell?

Winchester stopped the regular production of 20 gauge in 1963 and the 20 gauge magnum shell wasn't introduced for several years later.

What is the shell length for the Winchester model 1300 defender?

2 3/4" or 3" shells only

What is the Winchester model 1400 shotgun shell capacity?

3 shot (1 in chamber & 2 in the tube)

Why is your Winchester model 16ga jamming up?

I have a Winchester 16ga model 1400 I got it a few days ago I cleaned it and went out to shoot it but it does not want to eject the empty shell, what could be the problem, anybody?

What if your model 187 22 rifle wont eject the shell what part do you need?

You need the services of a gunsmith.

What is the value of Winchester 12 gauge model 25 paper shell worth?

50-1000 USD depending on specifics.

How do you loada Remington model 16 22 autoloading?

The model 16 22 is loaded from the butt of the rifle. Push on the rear of the lower knob at the base of the stock and slide the rod out. Loading shells into the cavity on the underside of the rifle and re-inserting the rod. You should also know that the Model 16 takes a special Remington .22 caliper shell that was only made by Remington and not manufactured today. The Model 16 was the only rifle to use this shell. The rifle is about guaranteed not to operate properly with modern .22 shells.

What caliber is this Springfield thirty cal rifle the bullet is shorter than a 3006 but taller than a 308 shell case is 2.15 inches long?

it might be for the Krag rifle, cal. 30/40..... not 30/06

Is the barrel on the Winchester 1300 wtf interchangeable to a longer barrel?

Yes as long as you get one made for the Winchester model 1300 and chambered for the same length of shotgun shell that the receiver is chambered for.

What is the value of a Rifle and Carbine Winchester 66 Centennial made in 1966 gold plated never had a shell in it with consecutive serial numbers?

$1,200 to $1,300 with box and manuals

What kind of shell does a 132 Benjamin Franklin air rifle?

The Benjamin 132 is an air pistol not a rifle, it uses .22 caliber pellets, not .177 caliber pellets. The 130 series of Benjamin pistols were models: 130 shot .175 Cal BB's 132 shot .22 Cal pellets 137 shot .177 Cal pellets If yours is a rifle then I have NO idea what it shoots

How do you use Winchester model 190?

Your Winchester model 190 is a semi-auto .22LR chambered rifle with a tube magazine that holds 15 rounds of .22LR ammo.You start with unscrewing the magazine tube which is located under the barrel and pulling out until there is a small window in the tube exposed.Then load the tube with the correct caliber rounds with the rim of the shell facing the receiver.After loading push the tube back into the receiver and screw or lock the magazine.Then pull the operating lever on the bolt back and let go of the bolt.This will chamber a round in the chamber of your model 190.Put the safety on until ready to fire at your target.The rifle will feed each round as you pull the trigger.Unload by pulling the bolt back each time until the rounds are finished being ejected from the receiver.

How do you remove the barrel from a Winchester model 190 rifle?

This is not a trivial thing. I would suggest that you go to and buy the Gun Digest book Assembly/Disassembly volume III on Rimfire Rifles. You will need a special spanner to remove the barrel nut. I too have this same question. The barrell of my Winchester Model 190 has begun to separate from the receiver. The firing pin does not strike the shell hard enough to fire the bullet. Has anyone discovered how to remove and replace the barell?

What is the electron shell model?

it is a model made of a shell of electrographic electrons

Do you have to have the magazine in for glenfield model 20 to eject the shell? do not have to have clip in rifle for it to eject shell casing. You can use without clip and load one bullet at a time. Alot of rifle ranges want it done that way because there is less chance of bullet remaining in chamber..good luck

What is Winchester new rival no 12?

It is a shotgun shell.

Who invented atomic rifle?

Not familiar with an atomic rifle. There have been artillery pieces that can fire an atomic shell, but not a rifle.

Can you fire a10mm shell in a 40 caliber handgun?


Is The shell model a physical model?


Winchester Model 75 When you release the safety you can hear the firing pin release and it will contact the shell but will not fire Is this a decocker or is there a problem with the weapon?

This rifle does not have a automatic de cocker so if the firing pin makes contact with the round without pulling the trigger you have an issue with the sear inside the bolt. Please take it to a competent gunsmith for the needed repairs. It is very dangerous to continue to use this rifle in it's current condition.

What is the difference between a 40 caliber shell and a 40 sw?

the maker.