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Frankie Jonas does not go to any public Camp due to his brothers Nick Kevin and Joe Jonas witch are in a boy band.

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Is Frankie Jonas in camp rock 2?

Yes, Frankie Jonas or "The Bonus Jonas, Frank the Tank" is going to be in Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam. He is going to be playing Trevor, one of the Junior Campers.

What nicknames does Frankie Jonas go by?

Frankie Jonas goes by Bonus Jonas, and Frank the Tank.

Who will Frankie play in camp rock 2?

Frankie Jonas Plays Trevor one of the jr. rockers

Is Frankie Jonas going to be part of camp rock 2?

yes he is

What are all the parts in camp rock 2 final jam?

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and the bonus Jonas (Frankie)

Can you get a picture of Frankie Jonas?

yeah just go to Google images and type in Frankie Jonas

Was the Jonas brothers younger brother in camp rock 2 with them?

yeah, Frankie Jonas was in camp rock 2. he was the boy with the video camera which Kevin dropped in the water :)

Is Frankie Jonas the youngst?

Frankie Jonas is the youngst Jonas

Where does Frankie Jonas go to school?

He is homeschooled.

Wouid Frankie Jonas go out with a fan?


Is Frankie Jonas going to be in Camp Rock 2?

yes he will play Trevor one of the Jr. rockers

Whats Frankie Jonas's full name?

Frankie Jonas name is Frankie Jonas

What is Frankie Jonas whole name?

Frankie Nathaniel Jonas

Who plays Frankie in Jonas?

In the television show JONAS, Frankie is played by himself. In other words, Frankie is Frankie...

What camp did the Jonas Brothers go to?

The Jonas brothers did not go to camp, but this year they were supposed to be counslers at a camp called school of pop in California. But, unfortunately, they were held back and couldn't make it.

Does Frankie Jonas have a clubpenguin?

the only person who can answer this queition is Frankie Jonas.

How tall is Frankie Jonas now in 2010?

how tall is Frankie Jonas

Who plays Frankie in the TV show Jonas?

Frankie Jonas plays the role of Frankie in the sitcom Jonas. Frankie is the youngest sibling of the musical trio Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas. His full name is Franklin Nathaniel Jonas.

Where does Nick Jonas go for classes?

He and Frankie are both homeschooled

What is Nick Jonas little brocalled?

Franklin Jonas. his nicknames are Frankie , Frankie, bonus Jonas

Does Nick Jonas has an ID?

If u go to YouTube and type in Frankie Jonas or living the dream,nick Jonas does not have an ID.

What is Frankie Jonas' favorite number?

he is the Jonas bonas the Jonas brother's little brother Frankie

Is Frankie Jonas single?

Frankie Jonas is single and so cutee lol =)

When was Frankie Jonas born?

Frankie Jonas was born on September 28, 2000.

How tall is Frankie Jonas?

Frankie Jonas is 4 foot 5 inches