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Most commonly, feeling a pain behind the knee is related directly to the Popliteus muscle. The Popliteus muscle is a very small muscle located behind the knee and should be checked by a doctor.

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Q: What can I use to treat a pain behind my knee?
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You are use amino now you have knee pain?

i m use amino now i have knee pain

Can you use 279.1 for severe knee pain?


What to do for bad knee pain?

If you have bad knee pain you should make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. In the meantime you can use ice and heat to help control the pain.

How do you reduce knee pain?

Some people find that cortisone shots help knee pain. Others use a brace. Some will need knee replacement and therapy.

What alternatives can you do to help knee pain?

To help knee pain you can use all sorts of products like something that is make to cure pain in the knee, if you go to CVS the pharmacist should be able to help you

How do you use the word inured in a sentence?

I am inured to my knee pain.

What is good for severe knee pain?

Ice and then use draw out salve(ichthammol)ointmetm then use voltaren gel for pain .

How does one treat a sore knee The more walking the more pain?

You have to rest the knee till it recovers. Is there a way you can avoid walking? Can you use a vehicle or even a bicycle? A bicycle would place stresses on different parts of your leg and might take the pressure off your knee. Or see a doctor.

What is arthroscopic knee surgery used to treat?

Arthroscopic knee surgery is used to treat a verity of ailments. A surgeon can use this minimally invasive procedure to treat such things as torn cartilage, ACL repair and torn tissue repair.

For what medical reasons would one use a knee strap?

The medical reason why one would use a knee strap is to apply pressure to the area below the knee cap. This helps to alleviate knee pain and provide support for tendonitis.

Which are the most effective knee pain treatments?

Other than the traditional "painkiller" tablets, you can use things such as magnets to relieve the pain, or, if you are feeling unconventional; acupuncture. There are also various creams on the market that could relieve your knee pain.

How do you use renal in a sentence?

It is used to treat pain of renal colic.

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