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From reading your several posts on the subject it appears that you are guilty of statutory rape. As such, the parents could have you prosecuted and locked up as a sex offender. I suggest that you be grateful that you aren't in prison then quietly pay child support.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-17 15:09:22
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Q: What can a 22-year-old father do to help the 16-year-old mother of his child get emancipated if the guardians are being complicated?
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Are pregnant teens emancipated in California?

You don't get emancipated just because you are pregnant. You are the guardian of your child but your parents are the guardians of you.

Why do people get emancipated?

Some people get emancipated to become their own legal guardian. A teenager could become emancipated from their parents or guardians if proper care was not being given.

Can a 17 year old leave home after graduation without parents permission?

If the minor (key fact) in question is not emancipated and his/her parents are his/her legal guardians, then no. If the minor (key fact) in question is not emancipated and his/her parents are his/her legal guardians, then no.

Could you get married when you are 16?

Yes you can get married at the age of 16 if you are emancipated or with a parent or guardians permission.

How do i become emancipated in the state of New Mexico at age 16?

/get a paper and then get one of your legal guardians to sign such document

Can a seventeen year old minor move out without parental consent if not legally emancipated in GA?

The answer is no. It used to be that way. But the laws have changed. Your parents or legal guardians are responsible until you are legally an adult [18] or emancipated.

What are the consequences for a minor moving out?

If you are not yet at the age of emancipation in your state, and/or have not been emancipated by court action, you could be forced to return to your parents/guardians home. Your parents/guardians are STILL legally responsible for everything you do and your actions even if you move out.

Can a 16-year-old living with grandparents who have not been appointed legal guardians be emancipated without the grandparents' permisson?

It depends on the state. Many do not have an emancipated status. And if they do, the 16-year-old must show that they can support themselves.

Is it illegal to move out when in high school?

If you are emancipated, then yes. Otherwise, you are required to stay wherever your legal guardians say you should until the age of 18 (in most countries).

Can my mom make me come home?

If you are not yet an adult, yes. However you can apply to a court to be emancipated and the court may appoint you new guardians until you become an adult.

Are parents allowed access to 17 year old medical results?

Unless you are legally emancipated by the court, yes. Because at 17 you are still a minor and under your parent/guardians protection.

If your 18 in the state of Alabama can you own your own car if you are living by yourself?

If you are legally 'emancipated' from your parents/guardians yes, however for others, the legal 'age of majority' is 19 years of age.

What specific rights does a 17 year old girl have in the state of New Mexico?

The right of any other US citizen. If you are not legally emancipated by the courts you are considered to be under the authority of your parents or guardians.

Guardians of Ga'hoole movie?

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In Michigan at what age does a minor have a say in living at home or with a relative?

In Michigan, a minor must live with their parents or guardians until they are 18 years of age. A minor can always hire an attorney and try to get emancipated.

Can a child divorce one parent and not the other?

No, the emancipation laws around the world include both parents or guardians, not just one. A child who wants to be emancipated is stating they can support themselves without the help of an adult.

Can you runaway at 15?

Well... legally no. You could run away but then get in trouble with the police. Your parents or legal guardian can file you as a runaway and they may go searching for you. If you want to leave your parents/Guardians house you could get emancipated.

What is a sentence with the word guardians in it?

The guardians will defend the ancient temple until their last breath.These are my legal guardians.The princess couldn't go anywhere without her guardians following her.

Is a sixteen year old pregnant girl automatically emancipated?

A sixteen year old girl is emancipated as far as decisions concerning the baby. For example, she decides whether or not to keep the child, whether or not to have an abortion, which doctor she sees, and what medications she takes while she is carrying the child. Her legal guardians are still responsible for her in all things except those which concern the child.

Can a convicted person of indecent exposure in front of a woman and a minor child become a legal guardian in nc for a child aged 16 in an emancipation petition?

Obviously you don't understand what emancipation is as emancipated minors do not have guardians. Nor can you get emancipated if you will then have to depend on someone else to provide for you (I assume that's the role you want the guardian to take). You need to research the topic.

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