What can a Christian mother of a saved 22 year old son do to get her transgender son who is having hormone therapy to revert back to a male if our family is being hurt by this?

Your child is following the path set out before them. There is nothing wrong with being transgender, and it isn't something that can simply be reverted, since the hormones don't decide whether or not someone is transgender. The therapy helps them feel more like themselves.

The pain your family is feeling may come from misunderstanding. That's okay. These things take some time to wrap your head around fully. Nobody's expecting everything to get better instantly. It's a process. Try to get to know your child on their terms. Keep an open mind, and don't try to force them to be someone they're not. They know who they are much better than anyone else. You haven't lost your child -- you're finally finding them and getting to know who they've been all along. Pray for patience and understanding for all parties involved. Things will be different, but it will also be all okay.

Other thoughts...

From a Christian standpoint, it is understandable that you are worried and this is causing family tension. That could be a shock to the system, even without certain religious beliefs in place. However, this is your son's choice. You can sit down and talk to him alone (Matthew 18:19 If your brother sins, go and show him his fault when the two of you are alone.) It is okay to let him know what your feelings are, as you are his mother.

After he knows though, that is it. You can't force him. You can't coerce him. You show him love, and you be there for him the best that you can. The Bible tells us that if we want to restore a person, we must do so with a gentle spirit (Galations 6:1 Brothers, if anyone is caught in any sin, you who are spiritual are to restore such a person in a spirit of gentleness, keeping a watchful eye on yourself, so that you are not tempted as well.) Beyond that, pray that God's will be done in your son's life, whatever that will is. Put it in God's hands.