What can a creditor do to me?

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Repossess any merchandise, or, place a lien on your estate.

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Q: What can a creditor do to me?
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Can lien affect your credit?

Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.Yes. A creditor lien will be reported.

Is a creditor an asset or liability?

creditor is a liabiliity

What is a creditor holding a secured claim?

A secured creditor

What describes a creditor?

A creditor is the person or business that has lent someone money.Examples of adjectives that describe a creditor are:professionalfriendlycarefulconsistentsystematicmethodical

You have 50000 can you become a creditor?

Yes! Loan me the 50000 and you will be a creditor.

How does a creditor know where your bank is?

can you keep a creditor from finding your account

Who is a creditor?

The creditor is the person who provided services, goods, or credit.

When was Vengeful Creditor created?

Vengeful Creditor was created in 1972.

Can a creditor seize your tax refund?

If the creditor is a government agency, then yes. If the creditor has not won a court settlement to garnish your wages, then no.

What is the advantage of note receivable to creditor?

Notes receivable offer several advantages to the creditor. It gives the creditor more time to pay as well as including a guarantee to the owner of the creditor.

What does it mean when a creditor files a motion to release?

The creditor is asking to be excluded from the bankruptcy. If that is granted the debt will be valid and the creditor can resume collection action.

Make a simple sentence using the word creditor?

I owned a creditor.The creditor called me. A company you owe money to is called a creditor.

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