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tell the person who you are having a baby with and then give up your rights.

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Im 23wks pregnant im still married but have been separated for 5yrs he is not the fater of your unborn child however the fathet of your unborn child doesnt want the baby and your husband wants to sign?

The law presumes that your husband is the child's father unless/until someone else's paternity is established.

What if the mother doesnt want the child to be raised by father but still pay child support?

The father has the right to visit with his child unless the court issues an order to the opposite.

The cry of the unborn child?

Please write your question in a COMPLETE sentence, telling what you want to know ABOUT the cry of an unborn child.

How can a father give up parental rights if the mother doesnt want the father to have anything to do with the child?

You would have to go to court for all that.

If I get a blood test and it turns out that I am the father of a child but the mother doesnt want any of my help and does not ask for Child Support do still I have to play Child Support by law?

Yes, you do.

Does your child of 9 years have to see father with visitation rights in place UK law if he says he doesnt want to go?

The child can do anything he wants to :)

You want paternity test from mistress unborn child?

see links

If a father doesnt want to pay child support and signs over his rights can he still get visitation?

No, but he can't. see link

If your child is 12 and father pays child support but child doesnt want to go with him for visitations can child be made to go?

A child cannot be forced into seeing a parent if they don't want to. It's their decision and nobody elses. That is not correct, you can force the child to go, or the father can force them to go as they can not make any legal descions the parents do

How will you acceptif the father of your child doesnt want to marry you?

if i would be . you i would slip on his face . live him alone and went along with my child. that's it. the best way

I am a women who is career oriented and pregnant the baby's father dont want the baby should i keep it or abort it?

This is something you need to think long and hard about. Even if the babys father doesnt want it, you need to decide if YOU want it. I can only imagine how hard it would be for a woman to abort her unborn child so make sure you get lots of advice from friends and family before making any hasty choices.

While the mother is still pregnant is the father responsible for helping the mother with expenses and well being?

Really, this unborn child belongs to you as well. Wouldn't you want your unborn child to be healthy. You helped create it, so help take care of it. Even while it is still in the womb. That's what a real man would do.

What rights does a father have to an unborn child in Mississippi?

To an unborn child? None. The biological father has no say whatsoever in whether or not the mother gets an abortion or how the mother chooses to carry and deliver the baby.The moment the child is born, however, the married father has the same rights as the mother. He has the right to have his name added to the birth certificate, even if the mother doesn't want him to, and he can petition for partial custody of the child. He also has the right to voice his opinion about any early medical decisions that might have to be made, such as circumcision. An unmarried father must establish his paternity in court and then can petition for custody and visitations.

Can a divorce be filed if wife is pregnant?

Yes, in most cases. However, there will most likely be a presumption that Husband is the father of the unborn child. Of course you can challenge the presumption. Anyway, can file for divorce but will be financially responsible for the unborn child unless you can prove it's not yours. Also, if you want custody, divorcing your pregnant wife isn't a good start.

If a father is receiving ssi will the child?

I want to find out wether my child receives SSI from her father?

How can i figure out who is the father of my unborn child i need the answer know i really want to know please help?

ideally a DNA test of the child should be matched with that of the usuall supects. If that is not possible the likely person is with who you had intercourse after the safe period and you have stopped having your menses after that.

Do you have to pay child support if the child does not want contact with father?


Why does Elie give his father ''marching lessons''?

doesnt want his father to get killed for not marching righ

Boyfriend and girlfriend break up girlfriend takes unborn child out of state is that allowed?

sure but if you want to see your child that you worked for try to get custy of her or him

Can a father give up his parental rights because he doesnt want to pay child support in the state of Tennessee?

I don't know about Tennessee, but I live in Kentucky and I have permanent custody of my grandson. His mother and father gave up their rights to him and they both have to still pay child support.

If the father of a child remarries and moves from Missouri to Arizona does the child have to go if she does not want too?

If the father has legal custody and the child is a minor - yes.

Can a father with joint legal custody say he does not want his children around the paramour?

As the father has joint legal custody of the child he can not say he does not want the child at the paramour.

What if the child is 13 yrs old and want to move in with father if you have phyiscal custody of her?

What if the child is 13 yrs old and want to move in with father if you have phyiscal custody of her?

Can a father get joint custody of a child from a woman he wasnt married to when she doesnt even want visitation?

Yes and the choice of visitation is not up to her, it's up to the judge. If he is the biological father and have proved paternity in court, he can petition for custody, visitation and pay child support. She has no legal right to keep the other parent away from the child.

Why is your ex more concerned about you than his child and how can you get over the fact that he dont want a relationship with his child?

He says its because the child wasn't planned and he doesn't see our unborn child as a person. He refuses to want anything to do with the child but yet he has been there for me throughout the pregnancy. Go figure.