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Tell them if you like the girl tell them if you dont you will be miserable if you dont!

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Q: What can a guy say if a girl asks what you think about her friend who is a girl?
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Is it good for a guy to tell his best guy friend to ask out his dream girl?

no because if his best guy friend ask his other friends dream girl out she might think it is the guys friend. the girl could also think it is a joke or something and just walk away. it is more meaningful when the guy who wants to go out with that girl asks him herself it also shows that he is really into her so your answer is no the guy who wants to go out with the girl should ask himself

Does a your guy friend like you if he hugs you tightly and asks you to do stuff and your friends think he likes you but he asks you for advice on how to ask another girl out?

Answer From the jest of your question, I'd say this guy is using you if he asks you how he should be asking another girl to go out with him The guy is using you. All you should do is just stay friends with him! Answer No, he is just a good friend and loves you as a friend. He thinks you are a good friend and thinks that you are smart. Stay friends, this is a nice boy. This is like my bro and Ellie. Akkz

What does it mean when a guy asks a girl if you think hes shallow?

A guy who asks that question is worried that you do not fully respect him. It is up to you whether you think he should be reassured or not.

What if the guy you like asks you out by himself and not by a friend?

I think its sweet really beautiful

What do you do if you think a guy likes you but he asks you best friend out?

Do you like him if so then find another guy of not don't care

What if a boy asks his friend to break up with the girl?

I think it's quite stupid that the guy can't man up and break up with the girl himself. That is silly. If he can't face the girl, then something is seriously wrong.

What does it mean when a guy asks your friend where you are?

If a guy is asking your friend where you are, he may be interested in you.

If the girl you like asks a mutual guy friend if you still like her in high school what does it mean?

Dude, she likes you.

Who asks who on the date?

guy asks girl end of

How do react when an older guy asks you out but you had a friend who dated a guy older then her and it turned out to be a joke?

I would say i have to think about so you can figure out if it is a joke or not.

What do you do when your guy friend asks you out?

You say yes or no.....

If a guy asks a girl if he can carry the girl does that mean the guy has a crush on the girl?

yes or the guy is just flirting with the girl