What can a pregnant 16-year-old do when the father of her baby tells her he will take the baby away from her when it is born?

The law presumes that an unmarried mother even one who is a minor, has sole custodial rights to her child until a court rules otherwise. The father of a child must establish parentage before he can file a petition for custodial or visitation rights. This is done through a paternity test, either the traditional blood test or preferably DNA testing. Even when parentage is established the court does not grant sole custody rights to either parent unless one parent is deemed unfit according to the definition of the laws of the state. The young lady has no obligation to communicate with the underage father or his family, it is her choice. If she chooses not to have contact with them and they persist she may along with her parents or guardian request a "no contact" order from the court. This is possible because the father has no legal right of involvement, in any context, in the young lady's life unless she is agreeable.