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What can and cannot be put in a garbage disposal?

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2015-01-13 00:31:14

Do's: Boneless meat, pitless fruit, bits of food

you scraped off dishes before/while washing

Don't's: Noodles, chicken skin, mashed potatoes, rice,

banana skins, potato skins, avocado skins, fruit pits, bones.

Teabags: the strings on the teabags have a tendency to wrap around

parts of the unit and may in fact trap food, which might clog your

disposal. It may also indirectly affect your dishwashers

performance (if the two units share a connection).

There seems to be some controversy over whether or not eggshells

can be put in the disposal, some people say you can, others say you

can't. I think it's an "at your own risk" thing, because I do it

and haven't had a problem, but I don't do it on a regular basis. I

wouldn't want it to malfunction and wind up footing the bill for a

busted disposal. since people have their own opinions, fyi, eggs

shells do sharpen the blades of the disposal or just add the scraps

into a compost bin and use next year on your plants.

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