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Do's: Boneless meat, pitless fruit, bits of food you scraped off dishes before/while washing

Don't's: Noodles, chicken skin, mashed potatoes, rice, banana skins, potato skins, avocado skins, fruit pits, bones. Teabags: the strings on the teabags have a tendency to wrap around parts of the unit and may in fact trap food, which might clog your disposal. It may also indirectly affect your dishwashers performance (if the two units share a connection).

There seems to be some controversy over whether or not eggshells can be put in the disposal, some people say you can, others say you can't. I think it's an "at your own risk" thing, because I do it and haven't had a problem, but I don't do it on a regular basis. I wouldn't want it to malfunction and wind up footing the bill for a busted disposal. since people have their own opinions, fyi, eggs shells do sharpen the blades of the disposal or just add the scraps into a compost bin and use next year on your plants.

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Q: What can and cannot be put in a garbage disposal?
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Can you put corn in garbage disposal?

yes it won't hurt your garbage disposal to put corn in it

Should you put banana peels down the garbage disposal?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to have the faucet on whenever you put something down the garbage disposal. Never put bones down the garbage disposal.

Can you put broccoli in a garbage disposal?

Broccoli is too fibrous to put in the disposal.

Should raw cabbage leaves be put in the garbage disposal?

Raw cabbage leaves should not be put into the garbage disposal as it will badly plug up the disposal. Other items that should not put into the garbage disposal include banana peels, onion skins and celery.

Can you put eggs or eggs hells in a garbage disposal?

Yes, you can put both eggs and eggshells in the garbage disposal. Placing a lemon in the disposal is a great way to remove odors.

How do you snake a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal?

Take out the garbage disposal, clean it out completely and properly and snake the line with the disposal out and then put the disposal back and all will be fine.

Can you put tomato in a garbage disposal?

Yes u can put tomato in a garbag e disposal

Can you put lettuce in a garbage disposal?

Sure, why not!

Can you put frosting in a garbage disposal?

Yes,because it a garbage disposal.don't you see the word garbage.

Can you put cooked broccoli down the disposal?

Yes, you can put cooked, or raw, broccoli in the garbage disposal. It will in no way damage the disposal.

Can you put plastic bottle caps in the garbage disposal?

Yes you can. It is not plastic,so it can be put in a garbage cointanier.

If you put your hand in a garbage disposal will it get chopped off?


Can you put spinach down a garbage disposal?


Can you put macaroni and cheese in a garbage disposal?


How do you sharpen Garbage disposal blades?

Put ice cubes in the disposal and turn on. That's it.

How do you repair a pro 333 garbage disposal?

My Pro 333 insink garbage disposal need to be reset but I cannot find the reset button. Can you help

How do you unplug your garbage disposal?

unplug garbage disposal

Where can you dipose the celery peelings?

You can put them in the garbage disposal in your sink.

Can gravy or juice or fat be put in garbage disposal?

No way

Can you put egg shells down a garbage disposal?

Yes you can,

Can you put fingernail clippings down a garbage disposal?

Yes but why

Can you put chicken bones in the garbage disposal?

You can, but they could damage the blade, probably best in the garbage.

Can you put chicken skin in the garbage disposal?

No, you can not place chicken skin down a garbage disposal. If you placed chicken skin down a garbage disposal you could back up your drains because the skin does not get broken up by the blades.

What cannot go in a garbage disposal?

Anything harder than a child's finger

Can you put apple in a garbage disposal?

Yes, it should grind it up.