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Spray them with water or do something where there would be consequence for trying to remove the cast. Nothing painful though

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What can be a done to prevent a dog with an injured leg from continuously removing its cast?

Go to your vet and get a head cone (aka en E-Collar). This will prevent the dog from chewing or gnawing on the cast. When my pets have been spayed or neutered or injured I put the head cone on. Only take the head cone off when the dog is eating and be sure the dog gets plenty of water and then put the head cone back on immediately. If you are in the same room as the dog where you can keep an eye on it, take the head cone off for a rest period.

Which step in the Army PR system is a continuous process that's occurs throughout the system?

assesmentAn industrial process in which a material is produced continuously. an example is iron, with the iron ore fed continuously into the apparatus and cast iron continuously removed.

What is the simple definition of cast?

cast is something doctors wrap somewhere around your body that is injured badly.

Are you supposed to wear an air cast while sleeping?

yes if you were only injured

How long do you need to keep a hospital cast on?

depends on how bad you're injured

How to break or fracture a wrist and get a cast?

There's the potato trick or try hitting it with something hard continuously

What is an object and secured to an injured limb in a manner that will keep a broken bone from moving?

a cast

How do you prevent rust in a cast iron fire pit?

season it

What device is apply to the arms legs or trunk to immobilize the injured part?

A cast is a device that is applied to the arms, legs, or truck to immobilize the injured part. Splints are also used to immobilize the arms and legs.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Brutalizer - 2010?

The cast of The Brutalizer - 2010 includes: Erin Cesaro as Dead Girl Jesse Farrenkopf as Dead Guy Allyson Forrister as Injured Woman Taylor Gilman as Injured Guy Kyle Guarco as The Brutalizer Sheri Lynn as Injured Woman

Why is it uncomfortable being in a cast?

This is normal because you have injured yourself and the cast is holding the bone or the injury in the place the doctor wants it. It is supposed to be tight around the area but if it is a limb and the fingers or toes are turning purple then you should go to the hospital and have them put a new cast on. The cast prevents you from doing certain things that would require the use of the injured area so this can take a while to adapt to but the cast is usually just uncomfortable in general.... especially when it is hot out or you are exercising.

Can you get a cast if your wrist hurts?

The fact that your wrist hurts doesn't prevent you from getting a cast. Getting a cast won't necessarily help your hurt wrist, though.

How do you prevent cast aluminum patio furniture from peeling?

go on the x factor

How do you replace a cast iron sewer cleanout?

By removing the old one and caulking in a new one with 1" of lead

What happens if you take of your cast when your not supposed to because I want to do it.?

A cast is placed to help keep the broken bones in alignment. Removing the cast before the doctor says, can lead to weakness of the bone and perhaps refracture of the bone.

Why was Matthew Gray Gubler in a cast and now on crutches?

Because he injured his knee cap while filming 500 Days of Summer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Skademeldingen - 1993?

The cast of Skademeldingen - 1993 includes: Lech Adamowski as Injured Man Bernhard Ramstad

What actors and actresses appeared in The Veil - 2011?

The cast of The Veil - 2011 includes: Marwa Kamal as The Woman Mohamed Karara as Injured man

What care should a patient receive after immobilization?

After a cast or splint has been put on, the injured arm or leg should be elevated for 24 to 72 hours. It is recommended that the person lie or sit with the injured arm or leg raised above the level of the heart. Rest combined with elevation.

How do you prevent rust from returning to cast iron cookware?

Give it light rub over with cooking oil after washing.

What are the examples of photo editing?

Color correction, removing color cast, adding text to photo, borders, changing dimensions, resolution, sharpening photo and so on.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bullified - 2011?

The cast of Bullified - 2011 includes: Arlen Konopaki as Injured Man Geoff Lee as Lee Phil Nee as Zhang

How is steel different from cast iron?

Steel is different from cast iron because cast iron is when some of the molten iron is left to solidify in moulds. And then most of the iron is kept molten to be turned into steel. But steel is made by removing move of the impurities from the iron and then mixing other elements to change the properties.

What actors and actresses appeared in Prevent - 2012?

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What can happen when patients remove plaster cast for fracture?

many things; Your risking infection if any cuts (i.e an operation) are present. Also removing a cast can be difficult without the right tools. If you do decide to take the cast of use vinegar/water and let it soak. yes is smells bad , yes it works