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What can be done about an ingrown toenail?

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What to do for ingrown toenail that is swollen?

ingrown toenail thats is swollen

Will medicare pay for treatment of an ingrown toenail?

will Medicarepay for ingrown toenail

Can a ingrown toenail kill you?


How do you get rid of an ingrown toenail?

how do you get rid of an ingrown toe nail?

What to do about an ingrown toenail?

cut it off.

Is ingrown a action verb?

No, ingrown is not an action verb. It is an adjective- as in ingrown toenail. Ingrown describes what type/kind of toenail malady. It can also be used as a noun as well. Refer to webster's online dictionary. This will help more.

Is it nessicary to have surgery on an ingrown toenail?

You won't have to have surgery, but if it is bad, you will have to have your doctor put a special kind of acid on the ingrown toenail, to stop it from growing

Is it bad if puss comes out of under your toenail?

not if you have an ingrown toenail... then it is perfectly normal

What is commonly known an ingrown toenail?


What is the best way to sooth a ingrown toenail?

Hot, salt water soaks are good. But if you have a serious ingrown toenail that is not improving, you probably need to go to the doc.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

if you pull of your nails instead of clipping them that could cause an ingrown nail

If you have an ingrown toenail should you get a pedicure?

You should have it removed.

How do you get an ingrown toenail?

The most common causes of ingrowing toenails are badly cut toenails and shoes which have been too tight.Also, if you have a history of ingrown toenails in your family then you are at an increased risk of getting an ingrown toenail yourself.

Why do ingrown toenails hurt?

Ingrown toenails hurt because what is happening is that your toenail is penetrating the skin. when anything penetrates your skin it will hurt. The toenail will press on nerves in the toe. another reason that it hurts is that it is infected. The way to treat an infected ingrown toenail is to remove the toenail from the opening in the skin with nail trimmers then soak the toe in warm salt water. Hope this helps!!

What is best home remedy for ingrown toenail?

Pumpkin juice

How do you cut an ingrown toenail?

take a needle go right into the the part of the toenail by the skin, lift the toenail up with the needle and take the nail clippers and cut it back. or in the front of your toenail right in the middle, cut a v shaped figure. the point of the v should be facing up the toenail. this way the toenail will grow toward each other and will prevent ingrown toenails to happen.

How do you get your ingrown toenail out?

If your ingrown teonail is red and swollen, then go to a doctor. They will numb your toe with a small needle and get the ingrown toenail out. The needle is the worst part if this "surgery".However, if your ingrown toenail is not red and swollen, you can probadly get needle nose nail clippers and dig it out. This will be somewhat painful and may grow back worse.From experience, i would definatly go to the doctor the first time and just get it over with so i know it will not grow back.

What does it mean when you have an ingrown toenail?

it means that the nail has grown into your skin at the side of your toe.

Name ssomthing ugly that can grow on your foot?

hallux vagus, ingrown toenail

Does ingrown toenail surgery hurt?

First, the pediatrist has to use a shot to make your toe numb for when he cuts the ingrown toenail. So the shot doesn't hurt, he will spray some cold spray on it. the cold spray stings a little, but it helps not to feel the shot as much. Yes, that means you will feel the shot but it won't nesessarily hurt. After that, he will do his job in fixing your ingrown toenail.

What is the medical term meaning ingrown toenail?

Onychocryptosis is the medical term meaning ingrown nail.Unguis Incarnatus, Onyxis, or Onychocryptosisonychocryptosis

What can you use to numb your toe for removing an ingrown toenail?

Try tooth pain medicine

Ingrown toenails cannot be prevented by cutting the nail straight across True or False?

False Ingrown toenail can be prevented by cutting the nail straight across

What is the CPT code for simply trimming the both edges of an ingrown toenail on the big toe?


Should you be scared of your ingrown toenail?

It is only a toenail, there is no reason to be scared of it! Some people find relief from ingrown toenails by cutting a small "v" shaped wedge out of the nail in the centre of the affected toe. Checking that your shoes fit correctly also helps.