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Q: What can be done about people constantly using your driveway to turn around in?
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What is law on using private driveway to turn around?

100% legal

What is the use for driveway gates?

Driveway gates can serve multiples purposes. First, it can prevent other drivers from using the driveway to turn around, thus preventing markings on the cement. Second, it can prevent children from running out into the street. And third, it can prevent potential car thieves from entering the driveway to steal a car.

How do you stop neighbors from using your driveway?

Put a entre gate right in front of your driveway or just confront them about it

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How can you stand a lighted Christmas arch up on a driveway?

If you are using PVC, hammer half inch rebar into the ground on either side of the driveway. A 4 foot piece hammered 2 feet into the ground will do a great job.

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What are the rules to parking in a driveway in NJ?

Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes pertaining to Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation allows cars to be parked as long as vehicles are owned by the persons using the driveway, or by those who own the driveway. Vehicles owned by other individuals can also be parked in private driveways when said owners authorize it, and any vehicle parked in a driveway must never block the flow of traffic.

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Landowner builds 2 homes side by side with driveway between both of his propertiesI purchased one home and have been using the driveway for 28 years Property owner now wants to reclaim the driveway?

Was there any language recited in your deed that set forth a common driveway on the property line? If not, you could speak to a real estate attorney to explore other options. You may have an easement by operation of law, since you have used it for such a long time.

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