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I am thinking you are the person that left another post regarding the Navy and what could happen if a female and male crew member were found having a relationship. I answered that post. It's unacceptable! When women started to join the forces and other male dominated sectors in the world, there are tough rules of fraternizing with the opposite sex. If they hold a position of an officer they could lose that, and for sure one or both would be transferred somewhere else. You didn't mention if you were in the Navy as well? Doesn't matter. Next time you get to see your wife you let her know that you know what is going on and you won't put up with it. If you aren't in the Navy and can't keep an eye on things give her an ultimatum .... she either is honest with you and you part your ways, or you'll report them! Also mention that you aren't the kind of guy to sit around waiting for her to decide who she wants in her life and you aren't giving her anymore chances. Tell her that you want a life as well and if she doesn't smarten up you are filing for divorce so you can be free to pursue your future with another woman. What she is doing to you isn't right and she is disrespecting you. When we get married we take vows and she's breaking those vows. Cheating is a chicken way to handle problems in a marriage. We have the choice of talking to our partners and getting through the problems or divorcing so there is no need to cheat. People that cheat want their cake and eat it too. Don't be a statistic. Good luck Marcy You didn't mention what "fraternizing" really means in your case. If you wife is just a flirt and looks, but doesn't touch then there is no harm done. As long as she leaves with you then it should be OK. If it still bothers you then have a talk with her and tell her you aren't going to put up with it (and mean it.) Many women love to feel attractive to other men (just as men feel the same way about women thinking they are attractive) and as long as it doesn't get out of hand then there is nothing wrong with it and you should be proud of the fact men find her attractive and she's your wife. Often women going into perimenopause to menopause can have hormone frenzies all over the place and they can feel as if they are losing their looks and need to prove to themselves that they still have it. By the way, it's not a midlife crisis that a man goes through, but an actual male menopause and often men will stray during this time of their lives. If I didn't hit the target on your problem, please answer my post with a little more information and I'll be glad to help. Good luck Marcy =wife and another crew man on board the same navy ship kind of fraternizing. and i know its more then attraction. she's been seeing him outside of work

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Q: What can be done about your wife being involved in fraternizing?
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