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See a retina specialist to be sure that there are no retinal tears or detachment. If there are none, wait for blood to be re-absorbed. If situation doesn't clear up soon, revisit the retina specialist.

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Q: What can be done for Vitreous Hemmorhage?
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What can be done about Vitreous Hemmorhage?

The treatment for vitreous hemorrhage depends on what has caused it. With mild cases, it can resolve with time, but for certain causes, surgery may be necessary.

Oozing blood is an indicator of what?


Why is a vitrectomy done?

It may be necessary to remove the vitreous in order to replace the retina and restore vision.

Which is thicker aqueous humor and vitreous humor?

vitreous humor

What causes bleeding behind the eye?

There are many reasons one might bleed behind the eye. First you might have Diabetic Retinopathy, which is a condition that interferes with the body's ability to use and store sugar. Over time, Diabetes may cause weakening of the small blood vessels found in the retina. These blood vessel changes are called Diabetic Retinopathy. Early stages of this cause Background Retinopathy,' causing small hemorrhages to form throughout the retina the more progressive this gets the more prone it is to bleed. sudden loss of vision. You can also have what is called a Vitreous Hemorrhage, this is blood within the back cavity of the eye. THe only symptoms of this are visual. The vitreous cavity has no nerves and, therefore, cannot sense pain, and pressure, etc. The visual symptoms experienced by patients with vitreous hemmorhage vary from mild to severe. YOu might have floating black dots, ( like pepper grains), a red or dark strand, or cloud floating or stationary within the field of vision. A more severe hemmorhage might produce symptoms such as a large dark curtain blocking part of the vision or even whole vision. There are many causes of Vitreous Hemmorhage, The blood almost always originates from the vessels in the retina. Bleeding can occur as a complication of the vitreous gel peeling free away from the retina, a process called Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Sometimes bleeding originates from the abnormal new blood vessels growing on the retina ( because of poor circulation)This occurs as a complication of Diabetic Retinopathy and other disorders that reduce the circulation in the retina. Less common causes include, bleeding from an aneurysm, or macular degeneration.

Who sings hemmorhage?

I believe you are referring to the song by Fuel, Hemorrhage In My Hands.

Can you use the word vitreous in a sentence?

The vase was vitreous. :p duuuhhh idiot.

What is the vitreous cavity?

The vitreous cavity also known as the Vitreous Humor isA jellylike transparent fluid fills the inner chamber of the eye. This fluid is called the vitreous humour and it is contained in a thin membranous sac called the hyaloid membrane (not shown). The fluid of the vitreous humour has a refractive index of 1.337.

What is the Vitreous Jelly?

The "Vitreous Jelly" or what you may mean, the vitreous humor, is clear gel (which I assume can be likened to glass), that is between the retina and lens of the human eye.

How does the eye keep its shape?

with a clear gel called vitreous humor with the vitreous humor

What does the vitreous humor in the human eye do?

The vitreous humor helps keep the retina in place

Is a vitreous luster metallic?

A vitreous luster resembles glass. It may or may not be metallic.

What words start with vit?

How about: vital vitamin vitality vitreous (as in, vitreous humor), vitiate

Which one does not belong in the grouping choroid sclera vitreous humor or retina?

vitreous humor

Does ice have luster?

Well if you ask me , the luster of ice is vitreous ...... well if you're thinking what vitreous is ... Vitreous is ......1.relating to ,resembling, or having the nature glass ; glassy .2.obtained or made from glass3.Of or relating to the vitreous humor.

Were is the vitreous humor found?

Vitreous Humour is a jelly like substance filling the vitreous chamber of the eye ball. This is the space behind the lens and back of the eye ball.

What part of the brain region is damaged during a hemmorhage?

A haemorrhage can happen anywhere in the brain!

What are the ingredients in the veritas potion?


Does the vitreous humor regenerate itself once it is removed in a vitreous ectomy?

It is replaced by salt water.

How is a vitrectomy done?

Using instruments suited for microscopic surgery, the ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) penetrates the eyeball, aspirates the vitreous, and replaces it with saline.

Where can vitreous humour be found in the human body?

The vitreous humour can be found in a human eye. It is the clear gel between the lens and the retina of a human eyeball. It is sometimes call the vitreous body.

What is Vitreous Humor?

Vitreous humor is a clear fluid that fills the space in your eyeball between the lens and retina.

What is the clear jelly like substance behind the lens of the eye?

It is known as the vitreous humour.

How is the vitreous humor different in a living eye than in a preserved eye?

In a living eye, the vitreous humor is clear and gel-like. In a preserved eye, the vitreous humor is cloudy and gel-like.

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