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I am so proud of you for making this decision and I know it's extremely hard and a terrifying prospect of leaving your abusive husband. Trust me when I say you are stronger than you think and there is life after an abusive relationship and you (and your children) deserve better. There is a lot you can do. When your husband isn't around, go out and phone from a pay phone and contact your "Women's Abuse Center." DO NOT PHONE FROM YOUR HOME PHONE! They are geared to send you to a "safe house" (even with your children if you have any) provide you with not only legal counsel for court purposes, but also psychological counseling. You will be safe there! The only thing asked of you is you NEVER give out the address of where you are staying. Make a plan: Pack some clothes (not all or he will be suspicious) and clothes of your children if you have any and hide the luggage. Phone the "Women's Abuse Center" and have an appointment made. If you can't find their phone # call operator assistance or go to your local Mental Health Clinic and they will help you find them. When you have all your plans made then it's time to leave and you do that when he's at work. DONT'S: Don't tell ANYONE where you are going (not even a close friend or family member) Don't leave any info on your computer. Delete everything that pertains to your problems of physical abuse and that means any info on the boards you are on regarding this matter. Don't worry about your children's schooling at this point in time and concentrate on having a safe place to go too. Legal counsel will protect your rights and it will go to a judge to have your husband stay away from you and possibly your children. Until that time, TELL NO ONE where you are! When things are settled this is the time to phone your family and friends and no sooner. Your counselor will guide you through this. Good luck God Bless Marcy

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Q: What can be done for those women who have been physically assaulted by their husbands?
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