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Unfortunately there is nothing that will change the status of the foreign national as he has broken Immigration laws twice and now will be deported and unable to apply for reentry for at least ten years. It is also possible because he "deliberately violated with malice" US immigration laws he will be receive a sentence in a federal facility before he is deported; although time spent in detention awaiting trial usually negates further incarceration. Most people who are deported are guilty of a felony. Once a foreign national with a felony record returns to the U.S., he/she is immediatly guilty of "agrivated reentry" which is also a felony. The illegal alien can be locked up for not less than 1 and not more than 10 years, at which time he/she will be deported. U.S. citizens should learn to be more careful regarding who they marry. This is a nation of laws, and ignoring our laws enourages others to ignore our laws.

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Q: What can be done to assist an illegal immigrant married for 6-months to a US citizen who was deported returned illegally and is now awaiting trial?
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Why are illegal immigrants deported?

Because they are in a foreign country ILLEGALLY and must be returned to their own country. Good question though.

What was the end result of deportation?

If you are asking about a specific deportation, you should tell us who was deported, as well as when they were deported and where they were sent. Otherwise, the general consequence of deportation is that an immigrant is expelled from the country to which he or she immigrated, and is returned to the country from which he or she came. There will be other consequences, since the person who was deported may have had some very serious reason for needing to leave the country to which he or she was then returned. Sometimes deported people wind up being imprisoned or executed.

Can an illegal immigrant become legal if they came here because they fear for there life from spousel abuse in there country?

No - it doesn't matter what their home-land circumstances are. If they've entered a country illegally, they will remain an illegal immigrant - liable to be arrested and returned to their country of origin. If they were in that much fear - they should have claimed asylum after travelling to the destination country legally.

What year did the people of Israel go into captivity?

The people of Israel were deported in 722 BCE and have never returned. The people of Judah went into captivity in 586 BCE but returned around 500 BCE.

Could you be deported if you dont have legal status?

Umm...YES! Is this a serious question? Watch the news on any given night and listen to them talk about how many Mexicans cross the border illegally and have to be returned to Mexico. If you asked this question, I'm guessing you're here illegally and looking for something to make it ok. It's not. Go home now before you get caught and you get in trouble. That is, unless you can get legal status (marriage, work visa, etc.) Google it.

If your boyfriend was deported and has since returned to the US can you marry here and if so will that make him legal?

if your boyfriend was deported he can not enter the us for ten years and if he is lucky to get a visa to come here he will have a very hard time adjusting his status

What happens to illegal aliens possessions when deported?

If they are linked in anyway to illegal activity they are confiscated. If NOT they are returned with the illegal aliens, when they are released on a on DODFM4137.

Which Polish immigrant served as a general in the American army and returned to his homeland to lead an independence movement?

Casmir Pulaski :)

What happen to children in the UK illegally for 8years?

When they're found - they will be returned to their country of origin - along with their parents, as they will be illegals too !

How can a deported single mother of 6 get a visa or residence?

Depends on why she is deported, and to what country she was returned to. Generally, you can become a citizen by normal means, or marry an American guy (or girl depending on the state), or prove that your child was born in the contential US (then pick up the proper form from INS). IF she was deported for a felony, it might be very hard to return legally.

If illegal immigrant is summons with child support papers and there is no income do you returned papers to the court?

The immigrant should still appear in court. If he does not, the court may cite him for contempt and/or enter a default judgment that he likely won't be able to afford.

If a pregnant illegal immigrant gives birth in the USA do they stay in America to provide for their child because the child is a citizen?

No. The illegal immigrant is returned to their country. The child however, is an American citizen and it is up to the parents to decide whether or not to take the child with them.

When was Israel deported to Assyria?

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Can your child be deported if he is irregular plus that includes also the parents?

(in the US) This country has a strange, unusual law that NO OTHER NATION ON EARTH HAS - a child born on US soil becomes an automatic US citizen. These are commonly known as "Anchor Babies." If the mother who entered the US illegally bears a child on US soil it is extremely unlikely (under present law) that the mother would be deported without the child and, by extension, neither would the legally married father of the child (if he is also present). On the other hand, if the parent(s) AND the child ALL enter the US illegally the child, who is NOT a US citizen by birth, would not be protected from deportation. The family (parents AND child(ren) would likely all be returned to their country of origin.

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