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tell her that she is important and that she shouldn't be treated like that tell her what she can do and how much you can achieve in how many people she can help

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Q: What can be done to help a woman leave an abusive relationship?
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Why do good people suffer?

I never understand why. its really upsetting, but if any one reading is in a abusive relationship i would leave them. its easier said than done, but believ me good people should not suffer.

What do you do when you want to be the man of the relationship when your wife beats your profusely?

Stand up for yourself and leave her. Or stop the abuse by defending yourself (try not to hit back, if it can be done) or seek intervention from police or spousal abuse groups. The best thing to do (and it's not that easy, I know) is to leave the relationship if it is abusive. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not retaliate, you will regret doing that for the rest of your life. I also agree with the answer above, quite honestly, no relationship can survive what you are going through you would be best to leave now and move on. Make sure you get a solicitor to represent you through the divorce.

How do you leave an abusive husband who threatened to have your child taken away by abusive first husband if you leave him the 2nd one?

WARNING! THERE ARE MISS SPELLINGS IN HERE!!! You just sneek in the night and go to the police station and report what he has done to you, and show them the bruises. You have your child give a testomony to the police about what the father has done, and you give a testomony too. You then fight for his perintal rights to be taken away too. And when you go to remarry then look for these signs of an abusive man: > He likes to control you. > He doesn't trust you. >

What if your friend wants to go back to her boyfriend that abused her?

If you have tried to talk your friend out of going back to her abusive boyfriend then you have done all you can as a trusted and loyal friend and this means your friend is a slow learner. Just let her learn the hard way and be there when she needs a shoulder to cry on the second time around and hopefully she will get the message by then. Young woman (woman of any age) will often want to go back to their abusive boyfriend or husband because they have low self esteem.

What should you do if you're in an emotionally abusive relationship on and off again for 4 years and you keep coming back but you're not strong enough to leave because of your mental state?

It's one of the hardest choices and things you'd ever do, but believe me it have to be done. your gonna have to leave your abuser because if he doesn't get help and admit what he's doing to you he's gonna keep doing it.

Are spankings useful?

They can be if done the right way, but they can also be abusive.

How do you get out of boring relationship?

first of all how did u get in a "boring" relationship if ur not happy then just leave say good-bye and its done theirs no more boring life

Man is in committed relationship with a woman but he is still interested in dating other girls?

He wants to try something that you havent done

Do I leave my boyfriend after he txt another woman after we came back from dinner and a movie he told her good morning sexy how r you this is not the first time he has done things like this?

I would call the other woman and aske her if she is aware that he is in a relationship with you. Most of the time they are not aware because the men play out to be single when they are talking to othe wowen they are intrested in.

Are narcissist sexualy abusive?

They are often sexually abusive to different degrees. It's their way of devaluing you and punishing you for basically being a woman. Often male narcissist have unexpressed anger toward their mother and are not even conscious of it. They take this out on their 'victims'. Sex is not a loving act for is about power and control. I was in a relationship with a narcissist for a year and a half. Over the course of the relationship, sex became more and more 'abusive'. By this I mean rough and intentionally causing pain. It was almost as if I became a possession of his. At times, he would suggest sex with others. They are never satisfied and do not know how to feel love. If you are wanting a loving relationship, get out now and do NOT have further contact. And I mean at all!! This can be very difficult...believe me, I know. If they do make contact, the best thing you can do is be indifferent. Do not react positively or negatively. Tell them you are done and to go away.

What is done is done is from?

don't hurt them leave them alone

How do you write a leave?


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