What can be done to repair an 2000 Olds Alero dashboard cover that has begun to roll up and crinkle?

It depends on how bad it is. I would take it to an auto trim shop and get an estimate. If it is too bad the dash may have to be replaced which is a BIG job.


Besides checking with an upholsterer as mentioned above, Here are some other options available to you - from least costly to most costly:
  1. 1 You can purchase a soft dash cover to cover the dash. They cost between $20 and $50 depending on the type. They are molded to fit the dash and have cutouts to go around the vents and airbag. They get attached with velcro and are removable.
  1. 2 They also sell hard shell dash overalys that you permanently affix with epoxy over top of the old dash. They are molded to fit exaclty over the existing dash and have cutouts for the vents, flasher button and air bag. They come colored to match (brown color that they call dark grey). You can also get it painted any color you wish (at an extra cost). The dealer is on E-bay and the cost of the dash shell is around $125-$150. With this installation you will notice a transition where the new dash ends and the old one continues but it is more affordable and easier than a dash replacement (below).
  1. 3 Replace the dash. You can find them at junk yards and online dealers. Costs vary from $225-$500. Junk yards could and should be less. YOu may be able find a real good deal from yards because there are alot of Alero's in yards nowadays. I foind a whole set of cloth seats (both fronts and rear) in great condition for $200 from a yard. This may be an option to look into. The problem with a dash replacement is the work involved (alot of elecrical stuff to deal with).