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we could write a note to the presdential canidates and ask them if they are elected president can they ban chinchilla caging

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What is being done to protect chinchillas?

Chinchillas are kept in preserves.

Why save the chinchillas?

The real question is , why not save the chinchilla.

What was a law to protect the chinchillas?

Elephant dung

Are there programs for endangered chinchillas?

Yes. There is an organization called Save the Wild Chinchillas. The web address is:

How do chinchillas protect themselves?

* * * * They also spray urine.

What is being done to save ozone?

Various things are being done to protect ozone. Trees are being planted.

What is being done to save the white tiger and what could be done to protect them?

endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species, white tigers

What is being done to help protect the short-tailed chinchillas?

Nothing right now expect they are trying to breed them more in local habitats!! Hope this helps!!

What can be done to save Chinchillas?

This is how you can help to save the harmless Chinchillas.Do NOT make any more Chinchilla coats. It takes about 20 Chinchillas skins to make one coat.Do NOT use their fur for something you do not even need, like coats.Lastly, you can BUY THE CHINCHILLAS BEFORE THE COAT MAKERS CAN GET THEM! PLEASE HURRY!PLUS,You shouldn't kill these animals. They did nothing to hurt you, so don't hurt them. They are so harmless. This is why they are endangered. If you want them to not be EXTINCT, then you might want to protest against the killing these poor harmless animals.

What is being done to help endangered species like chinchillas?

People are mating chinchillas so they wont go extinct

What have you done to save the ozone?

See "What can we do to protect the ozone layer?" in the "Related questions" section below.

What can be done to protect or save dolphins?

You can use energy efficient boats, not kill them and make them have sex

What is being done to help save bald eagles?

raise and release programs and major laws to protect them

What is being done for endangered chinchillas?

i dont know i dont know

What is being done to save the salamanders?

we can protect them by not destroying their habitats and protecting their area.stop them being trade and by breeding programs.

How do you save inspect elements on roblox?

There is no actual way to save 'Inspect Element' Changes on ROBLOX. Roblox has put a lock on it to protect it. Sorry. -HelperBot

What is being done to save the endangered cheetahs?

new habitations laws to protect them from being killed or or used as clothings of any such

What are the measures taken by the govt to save the taj mahal?

Industries have been shifted away. It has been done to protect Taj Mahal.

What should be done to endangered animals?

We should protect and save them. As apex-predator of this world, it is our responsibility to ensure no animal ever dies needlessly.

How many types of chinchillas are there?

there are 3 types of chinchillas there are 3 types of chinchillas

Will chinchillas get along?

Chinchillas usually get along with other chinchillas very well.

Are chinchillas messy?

It depends on the chinchilla. Some chinchillas run around their cages. All of the bedding and food gets scattered everywhere, but some chinchillas are more relaxed. They sit around all day without making a mess. Chinchillas produce a lot of feces, so cleaning their cage should be done every 1 or 2 weeks.

What is being done to help the snowy owl?

Whats being done is that theyre not gonna kill the birds for their feathers anymore. They now have to Protect them .... not kill them they have to be more careful to save these owls.... They cant kill and steel their beatiful feathers now its time to save the owl.

Do Chinchillas hop?

Chinchillas hop

Are chinchillas endagered?

No Chinchillas are NOT endangered.

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