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It can make you pass-out, then die.

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What is chemical formula of carbon monoxcide?


What elements make up carbon monoxcide?

i think its water and soap

How many atoms are in C0?

Carbon Monoxcide has 2 atoms in every molecule, 1 Carbon and 1 Oxygen.

When methane burns in the presence of insufficient oxygen it products are water and what other substance?

carbon monoxcide

How is carbon monoxcide made?

Incomplete combustion of substances that contain carbon releases CO (carbon monoxide). This can result due to lack of available oxygen. The chemical reaction is -2C + O2 --> 2CO

How much of the percent of the earths atmosphere is carbon monoxcide?

I don't know what the figure is, but it must be pretty low because carbon monoxide is poisonous and we don't seem to suffer too much.

How long will it take to kill you in a car with carbon monoxcide?

A couple of minutes can put you in a lethal situation that even administration of pure oxygen will not reverse the effects.

Carbon Monoxcide is made up of what elements?

The answers in the name! It's made from Carbon and Oxygen, its called carbon monoxide because theres one oxygen atom, carbon dioxide has two. it can be made by burning carbon in a low oxygen environment; 2C + O2 ----> 2CO

Is carbon monoxcide heavier than oxygen?

Oxygen as a gas is heavier than carbonmonoxide This is because carbon monoxide consists of one oxygen atom and one carbon atom. This says that if the mass of oxygen is x and the mass of carbon is x-z (its not as heavy as oxygen) then a carbon monoxide molecule is 2x-z. Also we must keep in mind that z is smaller than x. On the other hand an oxygen molecule is 2x. It is obvious that 2x is larger than 2x-z unless z is 0 or smaller. However z cant be 0 or smaller because then carbon as an atom would be heavier than oxygen which it isn't. However Carbon Monoxide is heavier than oxygen as an atom. Again we can say CO is 2x-z and since z is less than x, 2x-z>x. Also x is an oxygen atoms mass. So CO>O but CO<O2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is carbon dioxide an element or carbon?

Carbon is an element, but not carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a compound of carbon and oxygen.

What are the differences between carbon and carbon dioxide?

the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide is carbon is just carbon

Carbon-12 carbon-13 and carbon-14 are?

isotopes of carbon

Is there more carbon in carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?

There is proportionally more carbon in carbon monoxide than there is in carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide, CO, has a one-to-one ration of carbon to oxygen. Carbon dioxide, CO2, has a one-to-two ration of carbon to oxygen.

How much carbon in carbon steel?

Carbon steel has ≤2.1% carbon.

Does carbon contain carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon dioxide contains carbon.

Is carbon the same as carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a form of carbon.

What is the difference between carbon and high carbon steel?

high carbon steel is a type of the carbon steel carbon steel: low carbon steel medium carbon steel high carbon steel

Are two isotopes of carbon both carbon 12 and carbon 14?

Yes Carbon 12, Carbon 13 and Carbon 14 are isotopes of carbon. Diamond and graphite are allotropes.

Isotope in a sentence?

The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.

What is the real name for carbon?

carbon Carbon.

What are the types of isotopes for carbon?

carbon 12 carbon 13 carbon 14

What are common isotopes of carbon?

Carbon 12, carbon 13, Carbon 14

What is a single carbon-carbon bond?

What is a single carbon-carbon bond

Is carbon in Earth's atmosphere?

carbon monixide, carbon dioxide, and plain carbon

Carbon in carbon dioxide is an example of carbon in an inorganic compound?

Yes. Carbon dioxide is a carbon compound that is inorganic.