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What can cause a fuel gauge to be half off on a 96 s10 pickup?


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The fuel level sending unit in the tank is probably at fault.

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The most common reason for the fuel gauge in an Impala to stop at half full is a bad fuel sensor. The sensor is mounted inside of the fuel tank.

Are you sure the fuel gauge is not the problem, maybe the tank is empty and the gauge is in error. If not get the fuel pump checked out, it is in the fuel tank and may have a broken pickup (in tank filter).

Bad sending unit. This is what reads the tank level and sends it to the gauge.

More often than not, a fuel gauge problem is usually a faulty fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank.

Generally the fuel gauge sending unit located in the fuel tank is at fault for incorrect fuel level readings.

More than likely the fuel gauge sending unit inside the fuel tank is shot.

It sounds as though your fuel gauge is wrong or more likely the fuel sending unit located in the fuel Tank is faulty. This Can be caused by contaminated fuel or just a malfunction of the unit

Look for a bad grounding wire. If the fule gauge sending unti is properly gounded, it should send the signal to the fuel gauge, make sure the fuel gauge is grounded. You may have a bad fuel gauge.

The GM fuel pumps tend to be a bit pricy, plan to pay more than $100.

If you are sure the tank is empty and the fuel gauge is reading half full, then there is something wrong with your fuel level sending unit located inside the tank on the driver's side of the vehicle. Probably the variable resistor.

It fits in the top of the fuel tank. You can either raise the bed up are drop the fuel tank to service it. Your choice.

Do you actually have a half tank remaining? Or, is the tank dented or damaged? Is the fuel pickup in the proper location in the tank?

No. Chevy did not use a reset switch. Your fuel pump is either burned up are the fuel pump relay are fuse is bad.

If fuel injected usually under vehicle along frame rail or in front of fuel tank -- follow fuel lines If Carb. Usually in supply line as it enters carb.

I have had 3 Toyota Trucks that have done the same thing. Mine will read full to 3/4 tank....when it drips below that, the guage falls to empty. From my brief research most are blaming the fuel sending unit inside the tank. I have not tried this yet but will get back on here when I do to share the outcome.

My jeep would caugh and miss after half throttle but run perfect up until then, it was a weak fuel pump with a split in the hose on top of fuel pun so it wasn't Geri g enough gas , test with a fuel pressure gauge

i would recommend getting gas when that happens. perhaps take it to the mechanic to fix the gauge

Forgot to add it will start again after it sits but only for a little while. Will continue to do this until more fuel is added. Even though there is fuel in the gas tank. Changed fuel filter but did not help. Added fuel cleaner and fuel injection cleaner to gas line. Did not help. HELP!! Check your fuel pressure at the check valve on the fuel rail. It sounds like your fuel pump is about to go bye bye.

The float in your gas tank is sticking when it gets to half a tank of gas. This will make the gas gage stay at half and not register below that but it is possible for the float to rise.

If you really want to fix it, then you will have to drop the fuel tank and remove the sensor, go from there. You can check the float while it is your hand, just plug the wire harness in, move it up and down and have someone check the gauge. Might also be the gauge needle in the dash. You will find out this way.

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