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What can cause battery drain on a F350?

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February 27, 2009 3:36AM

Just setting for a week can run the battery down. you need to

make sure that your grounds are good, that your alternator is

charging at the proper rate and that the voltage regulator is

working properly. If all of this is good then you can start

unplugging things that drain the battery, radio, power door locks,

interior lights etc.. Or if you know how to use a multimeter you

take measurements to try to figure out what is draining the

battery. Just be aware that a bad ground and all of the stuff that

is contantly on (clock, radio memory, ECU memeory...) will drain

the battery some. the process of driving the auto daily maintians

the battery charge. The newer the vehicle the more power they

usually draw an a daily basis. With out further info it is

impossible to know what is going on.

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