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A fusable link near the starter or a recent tampering with a ground wire under the hood or dash check all ground wiresHave you checked your fuses normally located under your dash board? It may just be a bad fuse.... If so go to the nearest auto parts store and buy the fuse and replace it

sounds more like a wiring problem in the steering column, if fuse blows again that would indicate so

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:37:27
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Q: What can cause the horn and dash lights to stop working?
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Dash lights on 2000 Saturn not working?

Probably a fuse, check to see if your horn works, really!

Your horn interior lights and power locks stopped working what could this be if its a fuse which one?

yes, it is a fuse it will be labled int. lights/ horn on the fuse box

99 civic horn is not working?

Check the fuse. On some hondas the horn and brake lights are on the same circuit. See if you have brake lights...if not, fuse for sure.

What is wrong if headlights dome light dash lights and horn all go out at the same time?


Your brake lights and now the horn are out on your 1994 Volvo you changed the bulbs and checked the fuses and both seem fine all the rest of the electrical and lights are working do you think its elec?

If the brake lights & horn are on the same fused circuit the most likely cause of the problem is an open circuit before the fuse.

Why would you have dash lights and no horn windshield wipers lights brake lights or turn signals?

Check your fuses. See owner's manual for location and assignment of fuses.

What happen when the horn stop working?

It could be a bad fuse, check under dash on passenger side kick panel. also if it stops working you cant blow your horn.

What could cause the horn to stop working in your dodge avenger 2.4L engine?

A loose wire would cause the horn to stop working on your Dodge Avenger 2.4L engine.

What would cause the head lights blinkers horn windshield wipers and ac to stop working But the stereo tail lights still work?

Most likely a fuse(s) check them all if you havn't already

1994 subaru impreza brake lights and horn have stopped working and need a WOF asap If it is a fuse which one?

It's in the fuse box under the dash. Look at the cover of the fuse box and it should tell you which fuse is brake lights and horn. On my Legacy it is the middle row, third one in, fuse 12 I think.

Can ecm in 1997 Nissan Altima cause car to not start and lights and horn not to work?

Crank but not start and run, possible. Not to crank, start or run, no. No lights or horn, no.

What would cause 2002 Malibu horn stop working?

could be horn relay in underhood fuse box. or bad horn..

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