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There could be many things causing that problem. Here are some suggestions:

Since the brake sights go through the turn signal switch, something is causing the ts switch not to receive any voltage. You just have to trace the wires and find out what happened. It could be the ts switch itself.

I had the same problem on my 98 Grand Marquis. I fixed the problem by spraying WD 40 around the hazard hazard flasher switch, located on top of the steering column. This is a multi-function switch that contols turn signals, brake lights, and flashers. After spraying, I pushed it down with my thumb and let it pop up several times and also wiggled it around a bit. It worked for me - problem solved. Apparently, over the years gunk finds it way in there, be it dirt, liquids, etc.

Responses to the WD-40 advice:

Cleaned my Jeep Wrangler 2000 yesterday and when I started to drive to work this a.m. someone waved at me from their car and informed me that my brake lights were not working. I then noticed that my turn signals and hazards were not working either. First thing that came to mind was that the poor Jeep was in shock from its yearly cleaning...I stopped at a gas station but attendant was clueless. Came home and found the post about the WD40 - this only after having read others about green and white wires and brake switches which I wouldn't recognize even if they danced a jig for me but that I did crawl around and look for anyhow. After reading the WD40 post I snatched my trusty WD40 from under the sink, ran to the patient (Jeep) - sprayed, jiggled, sprayed, jiggled and lo and behold I have hazards, turn signals and brake lights again !! WD40 is my very best friend and to the guy who posted the advice to use it.

Noticed my brake and turning lights weren't working and after looking through the fuses and wires tried the WD40 trick. Worked like a charm!

I am shocked, but the WD40 trick worked for me too! I spent about 4 hours tring to fix the 'short' in my 1999 Jeep Wrangler, and almost gave up. Thanks to everyone who posted answers to this incredibly frustrating problem!!

That Is wild, I bought a 1998 E150 high top Conversion van, so I tried everything out, not to mention trying things I rarely use like 4 ways, well I noticed last night my Turn and Brake signals were out, So this Morning In the Rain I started working on it, so I did the fuse thing, I traced the wires for the Alarm system, and Still nothing, Then I got to wondering since I have not bought a manual for it, so decided to look online running back and forth in the rain to my computer trying different things and came upon this Post and I didn't have WD-40 but I did have PB blaster and I sprayed a little along the side of my 4way button and Boom everything works again... Wow Im really happy but wet that I found this post .. Great trick


Thanks for your help, Rickgmi. Recently my left brake lamp on my 93 jeep yj became intermittent. Also, I noticed the left turn signal did not usually work right either. I did not connect the two, and proceeded to try to find a short in the wiring to the brake lamp.. I made it from the brake lamp assembly to the harness under the dash, to no avail. Frustrated, I went online and found your post. I sprayed WD40 as best I could on the interior of the hazard light switch, and the turn signal switch assembly. I had my brake light hanging over the back door (working by myself) to see it from the driver seat, and things were all messed up. I remembered that the lamp assemble must bee grounded to the body/frame to work correctly, as it does not have a dedicated ground wire. I immediately re-attached the lamp assembly, and WHALAH!! Your fix worked like magic. I really appreciate you taking your time to post this fix. It saved me hours of frustration and $$$!

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Q: What can cause the turn signals and brake lights to stop working if the fuses are okay?
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What would cause brake lights emergency lights etc to stop working?

Check the bulbs - they are doubloe filamented with the smaller being for brake/turn signals Check the fuses

Blinker and brake lights quite working on a 1993 ford f150?

A bad ground wire is the most common cause of turn signals and brake lights not working. The ground wire connection might be corroded.

What would cause my Turn signals and brake lights do not work on a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

have you checked your fuses?

What causes the brake lights to fail when all other lights are working fine?

The BOO (Brake On/Off) Switch may need to be replaced. If it is bad, it would cause the brake lights to NOT illuminate when the brake pedal is applied.

What would cause brake lights not to work but all other tail lights are working on a Ford F-350?

Check your brake light switch at hte brake pedal.

What will cause brake lights not to work or running lights do have turn signals?

A blown bulb. Check fuses and then start replacing the bulbs one by one.

What can cause the brake lights not to work but the turn signals do?

Could be a bad wiring harness, disruption of the circuit somewhere between the brake pedal and the brake lights, a bad switch which fails to actuate the brake lights. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

What would cause brake lights to stop working on 1997 intrepid?

Blown fuse, bulb, or bad brake light switch.

What would cause brake lights to stop working on VW Golf?

Check the bulbs, fuse & brake light switch on the pedal.

What would cause your turn signals and brake likes to not work on your 1996 blazer?

It is your multifunction switch that has gone out. It is located in the steering column. I used my emergency lights and it blew out brake lights, turn signals, and emergency lights. In newer models Chevy did a recall not so for our older models. Mine is a 1995.

What would cause the Brake lights on a 2000 s10 to not work at all Turn signals work Tail lights work Reverse lights work but none of the 3 brake lights work.?

You probably need to replace your brake light switch. It's near the top of the brake assembly, beyond a trim panel. The fact that all three brake lights don't work rules out problems in the multifunction switch (the cause of similar problems affecting only the two rear lights.)

What would cause you to have tail lights but no brake lights?

Check the switch on the brake pedal

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