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your transmission is most likely bad if it an automatic but if it a manual then your clutch could be bad

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Q: What can cause your gears not to catch in your transmission?
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Why would Kia not change gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to change gears, is low transmission fluid. Check the transmission fluid and fill to the full line.

What are the causes of a car being able to shift to drive but no to the lower gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to shift into certain gears is low transmission fluid. Another cause is a broken shifting fork in the transmission.

Where on a tow trucks are the gears?

Transmission gears? In the transmission.

Could too much transmission fluid cause transmission to hesitate into gear?

yes it would cause the gears to slip more or less

What cause a transmission to not shift to park reverse and low from underneath with the shift cable removed?

The gears in your transmission may be sticking or worn out. This would cause your transmission to not be able to shift.

Whats cause of standard transmission if you will used a atf fluid?

Automatic transmission fluid would likely cause a standard transmission to overheat and wear the gears at a high rate.

Why is your auto trans only working if you go through the gears?

Gears is what transmission is for. No gears. No transmission!

How do you fix an automatic transmission that won't shift into gear?

There are multiple things that could cause this problem, but if everything else seems to work fine, a good place to check would be the transmission and the shifter. Gears in the transmission could be blown and may not catch when you try to shift.

Cadillac Deville transmission problems?

There are several things that can cause your Cadillac Deville to have transmission problems. The most common transmission problems are worn transmission gears.

Can auto transmission gears disengage and cause car to break slower?

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What causes a man not to be able to nut?

what can cause your car not to shift gears besides the transmission

What causes whine when Chevy Impala changes gears?

A worn transmission gear can cause a Chevy Impala to whine when the gears change. A bad fan belt can also cause this.

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