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maybe...cancer or hepatis a,b, should immediatley get checked out!


cancer can not make yoru head tender or your hair fall put, please don't worry about that

allergy, dermatitis, eczema of the scalp can all cause these symptoms

you may have a skin condition, so go to a dermatologist first and rule that out

also brushing it too much will give you dandruff and loosen the roots.

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Q: What can cause your hair to come out and your scalp to be soft and tender?
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What are swollen tender spots on the head?

Tender and swollen spots on the head could be from scalp issues. If the hair follicles are irritated, this can also cause tender spots.

Can dandruff be the cause of hair loss?

No, but it is a side effect of a dry scalp, and THAT is a cause of hair loss.

What incorrect application of heat can affect the hair and scalp?

Too much heat can damage the hair cuticle, cause the hair to break, burn the scalp and discolour the hair.

What is the cause of excessive oiliness of the scalp and hair?


How do you know if you got a Scalp fungus?

Its sore and tender, and looks like dandruff,with greasy flakes, and itches another thing it makes the hair come out! (i have got this so i know)

Does bleaching hair cause scalp damage?

Yes, bleaching hair has been found to be one reason as to why some people have their scalp damage.

Why do people hair fall out?

because scalp or hairs damaged. scalp can damage and cause hairs folicil to falling out. hair can breaking and fall off or out.

Does rubbing salt on your scalp help reduce hair fall?

Rubbing salt on your scalp may increase circulation which can cause your hair to grow. However, it will not reduce your hair falling out.

Does scratching your scalp breaks off hair?

Yes scratching can pull out hair from the root or cause hair breakage.

Can herpes cause hair loss?

Herpes can under extreme cases cause hair loss. This is because it can spread to the skin of the scalp and irritate it.

Where is scalp ringworm most common?

Most common in black children, scalp ringworm can cause scarring and permanent hair loss.

Does dry scalp cause hair loss?

Yes, the dry scalp causes the hair loss. That is why it is advisable that you take a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated at all times.

What can cause you to have blisters on your scalp?

There are several different things that can cause a person to have blisters on their scalp. The most likely explanation is that the person is severely allergic to some of the hair products they are using.

How long after quiting smoking pot will clean hair come out of your scalp?


Does brushing your hair make you have a healthier scalp?

Brushing you hair circulates blood flow in you scalp.This also will circulate blood flow to your hair and cause your hair to (grow(slowly but makes it grow).____________Brushing the hair, especially with a boar bristle brush, also helps spread scalp oils through it acting as a natural moisturizer.

Why is dandruff bad for your hair?

Dandruff are the dead skin cells that shed from off of the scalp. It is not bad for your hair, but it does cause itching and flakes in the hair.

How dandruff come in your hair?

Dandruff is flakes of dry scalp. There are a number of causes for dry scalp, and one of the most common reasons for dry scalp and dandruff is cold, dry weather.

What is the symptopms of scalp contraindications and what are their effects of colouring hair?

what is hair and scalp contra - indication

What are the side effects of the HCG injection?

While taking HCG injections, I developed a very strange pain in my scalp. My scalp burned, and felt as if someone was pulling my hair up enough to cause extreme sore skin. I had pain in some areas of my scalp but not what I call a headache. The "attacks"lasted for 24 hours, but my scalp remained very tender and sore for several days. I saw a primary doctor and a neurologist for this but neither of them knew what caused the unusual symptoms. Could HCG shots be the cause?

What cause irritation of the scalp?

Everyday stuff like running your hands through your hair. Your hands are oily and when you run your hands through your hair it rubs off. So when you your hair and you haven't washed it for a while it gets greasy and your scalp itches.

Is olive oil good for your scalp and hair?

yes if you have dry damaged hair and dry scalp

How can the incorrect use of heat affect the hair and scalp?

incorrect use of heat on the hair and scalp

Does hair color affect your skin and scalp?

It affects a little of your scalp like dryness but it affects your hair most not skin just scalp

The coarse hair of the eyebrows and scalp is called?

Terminal Hair is the hair of ybrows and scalpVellus hair is the hair found on body of hildren and adult females.

What is the fastest way to grow your hair?

come your hair every nightand every week massage your scalp with warm olive oil