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Q: What can exist as a solid liquid and gas?
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What does aluminum exist as a solid liquid or gas?


Does carbon exist mainly in solid liquid or gas?


Is boron a liquid a solid and a gas?

Yes, like all elements boron can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas.

What is a physical form in which a solid can exist?

a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma

What is the form in which matter can exist?

liquid, gas, solid

Matter can exist in this state or as a liquid or gas?

Solid state

What state can water exist as?

water can be a solid liquid or a gas.

What states do matter exist in?

Solid liquid gas plasma

What are three states that matter can exist in?

Solid, liquid and gas.

What is a physical form that a substance can exist?

Solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. A substance can occur in any one these states. All matter occurs in one of these 4 states. These are the 4 states of matter.

What states of matter exist within the human body?

Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Is anthracite a solid liquid or gas?

All substances can exist in solid, gas, liquid and plasma forms as well as forms in-between.Answer: Anthracite can be any.