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Water and only water. They do not need anything else.

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Do gerbils drink a lot of water?

yes gerbils do drink a lot of water

Do gerbils drink water?

Yes, but gerbils are desert animals so they aren't going to drink much because of their adaptation to desert surroundings is inharited to all gerbils.

What do gerbils need to drink?


When do gerbils drink?

Usually they drink at night, but it really depends on the gerbil.

Can gerbils drink soda?

no because it is carbonated.

Do gerbils like swimming in water?

Gerbils do not like to swim they only like to drink water likeany other human.

How much water do gerbils drink?

Not much In human portions not alot. But a gerbil will drink as much as it can.

Where do gerbils get their water?

They drink out of a pet water bottle that hangs from their tank.

Do new born gerbils eat their mothers milk?

First they drink it and yes

My gerbils temperature is low and won't eat or drink what is wrong with it?

I would take it to a vet right away. When gerbils don't eat it's usually a bad sign.

Why won't my gerbil drink water?

Most gerbils take time to drain down a bottle of water. They usually drink at nighttime and only a little bit. After all, gerbils are desert creatures. If they still don't drink, try changing the type of water in the dessert they get all the liquid they need from food.

How often should a gerbil drink?

Gerbils come from the desert, so they don't drink much. However, always provide them with fresh water.

Do gerbils have tongues?

yes they do but they are so small that you can barley see them but all they do with them is drink anyway lol

Do Gerbils smell?

Because gerbils are desert animals and they drink only a little water, they don't go to the bathroom a lot. This makes them less smelly than some other rodents

Are gerbils rats?

No. Gerbils are not rats, they are Gerbils.

When do baby gerbils drink from the water bottle?

They will start to drink from the water bottle at about 3 weeks but are not fully weaned off their mother for another 4 weeks.

What is a collective noun for a group of gerbils?

Collective nouns for gerbils are a clan of gerbils or a horde of gerbils.

What kind of drink do gerbils drink?

water. if you do not see you're gerbil drinking, it's probably because it is drinking during the night. my gerbil drinks at about 10:00

Can gerbils drink out of a bowl?

Yes. However, they get dirty very quickly. A bottle would stay cleaner longer.

Are gerbils diurnal?

In the wild gerbils are diurnal, but in captivity most gerbils are crepuscular.

Do boy gerbils behave better than girl gerbils?

Boy gerbils behave well with both girl and boy gerbils but girl gerbils do not mix well with other girl gerbils. Beware though when pairing girl and boy gerbils there is a large risk of them breeding!

Where did gerbils originate?

Well gerbils live in deserts, they live under rocks and barely ever drink water. they burrow under ground and come out to eat flies and bugs people started to call them as pets and that's where they originated from.

Do gerbils pee more than hmsters?

No gerbils are originally from dessert places like Mongolia so they naturally conserve water so they don't need to drink much and they don't need to urinate as often as other rodents.

Is it okay for a gerbil to drink water?

Absolutely. Just like any living thing, gerbils need water to live, too.

Can gerbils drink cow milk?

No because cow milk has to much chemicals in to the milk to make it stay more than a day.