What can happen to a 20 year old guy if he got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant and her parents want to put him in jail?

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He can be convicted of a sex crime and put in prison.
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Can a 20-year-old go to jail for getting a 15-year-old pregnant?

In the United States, yes. In the United Kingdom, yes. In most (but not all) other countries, yes. However, this does not mean the man WILL go to jail. If the girl's parents choose to press charges, (or if the state laws require it) though, it is very tough to avoid a conviction and a long prison se ( Full Answer )

Can a 20-year-old guy go to jail for getting a 16-year-old girl pregnant?

Answer . It depends on what the law is in your state...my guess is that if you are asking this question, you are either the 20 year old, the 16 year old or the parent of the 16 year old. No matter which one you are, try to imagine what it would be like if you were in the position of the other two ( Full Answer )

Can a 15-year-old legally marry a guy over 20 if she has parental consent?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYes, if she has paretnal consent.\n. \n . \n It depends upon the state of residency.\n. \nParental consent does not supercede state laws and in most states a 15-year-old is not allowed to marry except with the permission of the court of jurisdiction.

In California if a 19-year-old male gets a 17-year-old female pregnant can her parents put him in jail?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNot if they were dating and proven to be sexualy active before the male or female turned 18.\n. \n . \n . \nShe is below the age of sexual consent for CA. It doesn’t matter if they were dating or sexually active before he turned 18 or not. Her parents can’t put him ( Full Answer )

Can you put childsupport on a 14 year old guy when you got pregnant at 17?

no because the dudes a minor yet. . If you live in the US… Minor or not, as a parent he has an obligation to provide support for his child. You can petition for child support. The amount you are awarded will be VERY SMALL because due to child labor laws, he can't work more than a few hours a d ( Full Answer )

Can a 17-year-old go to jail for getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant if her parents press charges?

Yes. It is called statuory rape. Even if the parents do not press charges, the hospital may call Children's Services or Protective Service when the baby is born to report it.. Knowing the state where you live would help in letting know the penalty you may be facing.. -----------------------------. ( Full Answer )

Can you got to jail in NSW Australia if your 15 year old girlfriend is pregnant you are 18?

Yes, in Australia and New Zealand you will be incarcerated for no less then 10 years and be awarded a fine of no less than $10,000 if statutory rape takes place where there is an age difference of more than 2.5 years. Although this depends on your birth months, so don't lose hope yet. You can have y ( Full Answer )

What would happen if a 15 year old girl got pregnant by a 20 year old in California no one is pressing charges?

Who is 'no one'? The only 'one' who can press charges is the state, because it's a crime against the state. If it gets reported (and it likely will be, because some people such as doctors and teachers are required by law to report it), then he will be charged--it's a very easy case to prove. And the ( Full Answer )

Can a 19 year old guy go to jail if he got a 17 year old girl pregnant in Georgia?

16-6-3 G *** CODE SECTION *** 12/03/01 16-6-3. (a) A person commits the offense of statutory rape when he or she engages in sexual intercourse with any person under the age of 16 years and not his or her spouse, provided that no conviction shall be had for this offense on the unsupport ( Full Answer )

If I'm 37 and my 15 year old girlfriend is pregnant what happens?

You will need to get with her parents NOW, and work out what you're going to do about the situation. Hope and pray that they do not own firearms or other deadly weapons, and you might be looking at prosecution and jail time, regardless. Good luck to you all.

If a 20 year old got a 14 year old pregnant can he go to jail?

Yes he can. The legal age in most states is 16 for both partners. And with more than a 3 year difference in ages, it is likely to be statutory rape or another sexual crime felony, which could require registration as a sex offender for the remainder of their lives.

What rights does a 15 year old boy have is he got a 15 year old girl pregnant and her parents moved her out of state?

If you're in the US, he has no rights to *her* at all--no right to see her or have contact with her. He has the right, after the child is born, to petition the court to establish paternity and request court-ordered visitation, which will allow him to see the child only. He also has the responsibil ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to be 15 and pregnant with a 20 year olds baby if your parents are ok with it?

It's not against the law for you being pregnant - if you are under the age of consent it is illegal for any one to have sex with you. You legally are not old enough to say "yes, let's do this." (like you can't legally vote or drive a car) The laws are made to protect you. If you live in a state wh ( Full Answer )

What would happen if an 18 year old male got his 15 year old girlfriend of a year pregnant and they wanted to get married in Texas and the girl and her one parent wich is hemother are illegal citizens?

Well many things could come of this. In most states the age of consent is 16. Even then her parents would have to sign papers stating that they are relinquishing their parental rights and allowing her to marry you. On the other hand since there is more than a 3 year gap in your ages her parents can ( Full Answer )

Can a 20 year old guy go to jail for getting a 16 year old girl pregnant even if it was not rape but consensual?

It depends on where you live. If the 16yo is under the age of consent and there are no close in age laws where at least 4 years older is legal, you are guilty of statutory rape. A minor under the age of consent can not give consent therefor it's statutory rape. No one can give consent for her either ( Full Answer )

What can happen to a 15 year old who got pregnant by a 20 year old?

In short, not a lot. This does kind of depend on your local legislature, but in the majority of the western world the age of consent for sexual relationships exists because the law considers that under a certain age a young person is not fully equipped to properly consider the potential impact on ( Full Answer )