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What can horses eat?

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for my 15.3 hh show horse 2 make him healthy shiny and in good nick I feed him:

1st put 3-5 cups of water in the bucket because the ricebran &copra grows and if it is not soaked in water it will grow in the horses bucket and can kill them

-3/4 cup of soaked barley soak for at least 5hrs buy barley with no add ingrediances

-1/3 of a small dipper (~4 cups) of copra

-1/4 of small dipper of rice bran (refer 2 definition above)

-1 table spoon of dolomite

-1 tablespoon of sulfar

-1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds

-2 teaspoons of copper sulfate (may be known as blue stone)

- 1 tablespoon of garlic

-1/2 of apple cider vinigar

- 1 large dipper of wheaten chaff

- 1 large dipper of lucerne chaff

then mix it up very well you might need 2 put more water in the bucket so the feed is not dusty

then in a hay net put 3 large biscuits of hay in i put that much in but u don't need 2

hope this is what u r looking for


horses also love treats such as sugar cubes, peppermints, even Jolly Ranchers. horses also eat lots of grass and hay. horses like apples and carrots too.

i have a 14.3 cob X thoroughbred who gets ridden once a day for about an hour usually schooling or jumping then hacking at weekends with some cross-country and showjumping shows evey couple of weekend's. He gets fed this twice a day, in the winter the supplements once a day in the summer supplements with everymeal

1 1/2 small scoops of conditioning cubes

1 1/2 scoops of chaff

1 Lid (from the bottle) of cod-liver oil

1 scoop (the tiny scoops used with medical powders, usually comes with the supplement) of biotin and garlic.

and usually a couple of apples or carrots. Hope It Helps :) xx

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Horses do eat oats

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all horses can eat hay/grass. all horses can eat hay/grass.

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Yes, horses can eat pecans, and most horses love them.

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Horses can eat broad beans. In fact, they are actually good for horses and horses actually really like to eat them.

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Horses are vegetarians - they only eat plants.

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horses eat hay and drink water

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