Pontiac Firebird

What can i do to my 1997 Lincoln mark 8 that has 280 hp go faster then my friend's 1997 Pontiac firebird with a v-8 that has 305 hp guessing so what can i do that wount cost a lot?



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If you got a good money bet then strip your ca's weight down. You have a tank compared to a VW in weight. So take out the interior, spare tire, hub caps,sun visors. If it will come out take it out and sit on a stool. Take the bumpers off too if you can get away with it.Race with only 2 gallons gasmore than you need. Buy your buddy a full tank. try putting exaust on it. you get lots of hp and it sounds beautiful on that 281 cobra motor.i also have cold air intake on it. you get a min. of 20+hp just from the intake.it is a performance car make run like one. happy racing.

put a b&M shift kit and a Lincoln motorsport ecu chip and it will go alot faster.. just keep your bumbers on but take your back seats out.lol