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There are no guarantees--general characteristics may not fit any specific animal--but the snowflake eel (Echidna nebulosa) is one of the best moray eels for a saltwater community or reef tank.

Very small fish might be in danger but the greatest risk is to small crustaceans, particularly shrimp.

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Will a snowflake eel get along with a bammboo shark and a lionfish if put in the same tank?


Can a snowflake eel live with a porcupine pufferfish and a lionfish in a 70 gallon tank?

yes if the snowflake eel has a large rock for a shelter

What does a snowflake eel eat?

They eat anything that they can find in the water.

What aquatic animal has to have a cave in their tank?

A snowflake moray eel

Can a banded cat shark be kept with a snowflake eel?

yes eels and sharks are commonly kept together...

Is there eel in eel sauce?

Technically there is not eel in eel sauce, but if you make it traditionally, you would put eel bones in it while cooking and remove them before consuming.

Do snowflake eels eat clown fish?

They will eat almost any kind of fish. They are a type of moray eel, who tend to be aggresive.

What is the lifespan of a snowflake eel?

There have been reports of snowflake eel's living for 12-20 year (or more!) in captivity. With a healthy tank and a good varied diet it should live at least 12-15 years (on average).

Do a moray eel eat a puffer fish?

possibly it really depends on what type of moray eel it is. if it is a less aggressive breed of moray eel, like the snowflake moray eel than most likely yes because the puffer fish if a very aggressive fish. although it has no teeth it has a strong beak like a parrot it likes to peck the eyes out of the other fish in the tank .

What kind of eels can you put in a freshwater aquarium?

The freshwater eel.

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