What can light energy pass through?

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Q: What can light energy pass through?
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Does light energy pass through double glazed windows?


Why the light is not matter?

Light is not gas, liquid, solid or plasma. It also can pass through a vacuum and a clear solid. answer2: A rocket can pass through a vacuum and a bullet can pass through a clear solid. Light is like a little,little bullet of matter. Light is energy and energy is mc2 and m is the matter.

What intervening substance allows energy to pass?

That depends A LOT on the type of energy. For example, light energy will pass through transparent substances, such as glass; electrical energy (in the form of a current) will pass through conductors, especially metals, etc.

Does atp synthase change ADP to atp when light energy pass through it?



Travels in straight linesCan be reflectedAll/Most light can pass through transparent objectsSome light can pass through translucent objectsNo light can pass through opaque objects

Does light pass through milk?

no light does not pass through milk

Allowing light to pass through?

allows light to pass through

Does light pass through quartz?

yes, light will pass through quartz

Which objects light can pass through?

an objects light can pass through is transparent

What object does not allow light to pass through it?

Opaque objects do not allow light to pass through them.

Does light rays pass through window glass by conduction?

No, conduction is when molecules (usually in solids) collide and pass on heat energy.

Would a light switch converts electrical energy?

No. A light switch merely allows energy to pass, or not to pass.

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