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How about getting her a little present that says "Good Luck". There are many gifts out there that do this, for example a charm bracelet, a lucky clover anklet, an Indalo, a mobile phone charm, etc, etc. These are not expensive items but they really show that you care, that you feel for her, and that you are thinking of her, and have her well-being in mind. In a way, it's like giving her a little guardian angel.

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Q: What can we do to make a 16 birthday special however she has few friends?
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It's your friends birthday what would you do to make her feel special?

Well, you could give her a gift, make a homemade card for her, simply give her a hug and say happy birthday, or call her and sing happy birthday to her.

How do you make her birthday special?

To make her birthday special, do things that show you know what she likes and that you are thinking of her. Take her to her favorite place to eat, bring her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, and take the time to watch her favorite movie with her. She will appreciate your time more than she will a hurriedly-purchased gift.

What should you get for your 13 year old best friends birthday?

Get him or her something they would like something great and make sure he or she don't have that gift. Something special

How do you make a sentence with friends and party?

It was his birthday this week so his friends were having a party for him.

How do I make his birthday kiss special?

You should have in a special place and make it rememberable by waiting for a special time or place but either way,it should be rememberable.

How do you make a sentence with celebrate?

I celebrate my 16th birthday with my friends

What Materiels are used to make flowering colors and special FX?

What materials are used to make following color and special friends

How do i make my birthday special at school?

You can start by going to school dressed to impress. When you look good you get compliments by friends and peers and that will make you day all the better. Next you can ask your parents to drop off a cake or a special treat with candles (schools might have a problem with the candles) at your lunch period. Invite friend of yours to your table and have them sing you Happy Birthday (others might join in!!). Having a bunch of people sing you Happy Birthday is also another way to make your day special. Also, go over the top (its your birthday) bring in balloons and even a tiara!!

Will a girl like you if you remember her birthday?

The single act of remembering a girl's birthday won't make her like you. However girls do like it when guys remember their birthday's, especially if they like the guy a little already or if they're friends.

Your best friends birthday is coming up and you rly want to du sumthing special for her and unique What can you make for her?

Instead of making her something you could throw a surprise birthday. or if you did want to make something a scrap book or a scrapbook photo frame of you both in it could be perfect. it will show how much you actually care for her.

Special 14th birthday presents for your best friend?

You could make her a birthday cake and get them a balloon,necklace,chocolate etc,and a card

How do I celebrate my birthday-?

To celebrate you birthday, bake a cake,buy a few drinks and make some light meals then call your friends.

What shop can you get thomas and friends birthday cake?

You can find a Thomas and Friends birthday cake at most bakeries or delis that also specializes in birthday cakes. If they don't have one premade, many places with make a cake for you just the way you want it.

How do you make friends in harvest moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition?

give a gift,of course

How do you express love to friends?

Hang out with them, hug them, fight battles for them, anything to make them feel special will do. =]

Should you get What if your girlfriend a birthday present after only two weeks of dating?

Yes, It will make her feel special !

Where and how do you make new friends?

You can make friends anywhere! Have a positive mindset and be friendly. When you meet someone new, listen, treat them like their special and try to develop a relationship. It all grows from there.

What is being more than friends?

It is when you have a special feeling in your gut and so does she and you will go out marry and make babys.

What are some good house party songs for teenagers?

i am having a 16th birthday/house party and need to make a playlist but friends who are coming have different tastes in music however will all dance. Any song suggestions?!

How can you do something special for your bff?

it depends if its her birthday make a surprise party or buy her bff neckalace something that she likes

What should you do for your best friend on his birthday?

what i would do on my friends birthday i would remember his or hers birthday and give them something they want or wanted as a gift. you can make something that matches their interests. like if he/she likes soccer, make them a soccer ball made out of cardboard or paper. or if they liked music, you can make them a CD.

Is there such thing as total drama island puppet pals?

not that I know of, But I'm trying to pay my friends to make them on my Birthday.

Things to do on a Saturday?

Well you could do loads of things on a Saturday like... 1. hang out with your friends 2. call people/friends 3. go to the park 4. go on the computer 5. watch tv 6. play outside 7. read a book 8. make decorations 9. make early birthday/valentines/special occasion cards

What do you do when your girlfriend's emotions make her never feel special?

Do things that she is good at more often and make sure she is reminded of how important she is to her friends and family.

How can you make up a birthday that you miss?

There are many things!! If you missed your friends birthday, you can........ -have another day of fun just you and her by having a sleepover or something -say sorry that you missed her birthday and give her something extra special If (s)he stays mad, it's ok. Let that person calm down, instead of starting a fight, or forcing that person to forgive you, just nicely talk to her, explaining why you forgot or missed her birthday and how sorry you are and how to make it up by doing a sleepover or going to the beach or something fun!