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What can you do about a cat losing his meow?

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2011-09-13 22:08:37

Some cats are more verbal than others. I have a tabby cat Molly,

and she's a sweet cat. She meows very little but will "chatter" and

I take it as trying to talk to me. It's best to take your cat to

the vets and be sure your pet is in good health. It's better to be

safe than sorry.


my cat lost his meow when he discovered we though it was the

cutest thing and used to 'aaaaawwwwww' him every time he did it, he

got to the point he was making more of an almost silent 'mmrrrr'

without moving his mouth much if at all, we still aawwd him thou

cos it really was so darn cute!

he also discovered we loved it when he meowed and yawned, again

we just went aaawww crazy, so he developed the taste for that

too(it was lovely though, it creates this weird cute squeak) and he

did that all the time after that.

you could always try the role reversal, ie aaawwwww him when he

does meow, make him think you love it and find it cute,

you could try a reward system every time he meows you give him a

treat, or clicker training,

cats are very very intelligent and learn so quickly if its his

choice due to what he thinks you want you can reverse it with a

little psychology.

if he likes it like that im not sure hell be so quick to change,

they don't like to please us as much as they like to please


and of course make sure that theres nothing wrong with him so

take him to the vet to check it out too.



Some cat's don't like to talk, nothing is really wrong until he

CAN'T purr, like when he tries, it doesn't work. My cat stopped

talking, and I took her to the vet and he told me what I just told

you. Another one of my cats just squeaks. It's almost like a

croak... ;) And my other cat talks constantly, she never shuts up.

So, your cat it fine; it just doesn't have anything to say.

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