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i got a heavy flo and i just lay in the bath tub and let it drane

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Is it possible for your period to be so heavy that your body will reject the fertilization?

No, because you get pregnant before you period. You will not have a period if you are pregnant. And a heavy period will not "wash out" a pregnancy.

If you have a heavy period for 2 days are you pregnant?

If your period is heavy then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

What do you do if your period is really heavy?

If your period is excessively heavy, contact your Doctor. If you feel faint or dizzy, go to hospital.

Can a girl get a heavy period from getting pregnant?

Plesae rephrase your question... Are you asking if your pregnant is it normal for you to have a heavy period?

Your period is heavy and will not stop can you go swimming?

no you can not go swimming when your period is heavy. When it is at they very end and its not that heavy your period will not stop in the water, but will be held back. Also, if you go swimming and you have your period when you get out of the pool it might start to drip down your leg.

Do you get a period after your first depo shot?

it is not a period it is heavy spotting.

Is it possible you have heavy periods doing a pregnancy?

It is possible to receive a period during pregnancy. However, if your period seems heavy, you may want to consult your doctor because a heavy period may be a sign of a miscarriage.

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

If you have pregnancy symptoms but a negative test and a heavy period that's not late could you be pregnant?

No you are definitely not pregnant. You will not have a heavy period and be pregnant.

Can you have a heavy flow if you are pregnant?

Hello. A heavy flow period is not pregnancy related.

What does it mean if your period is light than heavy?

if you have a heavy period that means you have a LOT of blood coming out the whole time you have it. if you have a light period that means there is only a little bit that comes the entire time your on your period.

If your period is heavy does it always last longer?

well if your period is heavy it doesn't mean that it will last longer but most people who have a heavy flow usually last to 5 days but some don't

What can help a heavy period?

A heavy flow should be dabbed by super jumbo tampons

Is your first period heavy?

It can be for some girls.

Is heavy bleeding and clots after Mirena removal the first period?

Removal of Mirena in itself does not cause heavy bleeding and clots. Such symptoms are likely your period.

Taking birth control pill for 8 years my period was light then the next period early and heavy am i pregnant?

A heavy period is not a sign of pregnancy;a missed period is.If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

What does heavy flow mean?

A lot LOT of blood from your period. Not too much but I Jace heavy flows during the middle of my period. A heavy flow is when more blood comes in your period than a normal flow. Don't worry. I have aheavy flow right now.

Which is best pad during heavy bleeding in period?

If its that heavy,than use a night pad.

Your period was early and super heavy Could you be pregnant?

If it was heavy, then no, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

Are you pregnant if you have a heavy flow?

If you have your period, it's unlikely that you're pregnant, especially if it's heavy

Your period is heavy and lasting longer?

My peroid is lasting long and really heavy wat should i do

Is heavy metal a musical period?

No. It's a genre. A musical period would be something like the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (1977 - 1986).

Is it normal to still have a heavy flow on the fourth day of your period?

OF COURSE. Heavy flow can go on for a while. This is ALL natural! Don't worry, depending how long your period lasts, you could have heavy flow for the whole thing.

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