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The coat of arms of Jamaica is very unique and contains a number of elements. It has pineapples which is an indigenous fruit, a crocodile which is the indigenous reptile and Tainos on both sides which were the first inhabitants of the land and has a royal helmet and mantling which were accorded to them by Britain.

The Portuguese equivalent of the English name 'Matthew' is Mateus. In Portuguese, it's pronounced as mah-TAY-oosh. The sound in the middle syllable is similar to that in the English word 'day'.

What you refer to as George overdrive is known in the trucking industry as Georgia overdrive. It is going downhill with your truck out of gear. This is gone down grades to allow the truck to accelerate beyond the normal top speed of the engine in to gear without damaging the engine.

It takes 2-3 minutes to pop popcorn (microwave).

He was born in Florence, Italy.

Raven Borchers and Makayla Stearns

Pressure builds up inside the volcano and sooner or later the pressure is released into the air along with molten lava and thick black smoke.

a personality of a pumpkin's personality is it's dark because on Halloween and sometimes it can be happy but i think that's a pumpkin's personality

I just had the folks were i got my oil changed hook the little hand-held device up as they were changing the oil. They did it for free. You can alos order the devices for yourself on Amazon and other places.

Details of the Virginia Plan include that it was written by James Madison. This plan was drafted to create a bicameral legislative branch.

Sial refers to the upper or continental material of the earth's crust

If your pocket bike has an outer shell, remove it. Then look under the carberetor, there should be a single screw, unscrew it and let the gas drain out, make sure you have a container so you don't make a mess. After you're done replace the screw.

Martain Luther king Jr formed a 'Boycott' to fight for black civil rights, fight for justice, for their right to sit where ever they wished to on a bus. They succeded.

so they can get some goods and spices and be friends with the indies hope you like the answer

the capillaries. Oxygen, nutrients & glucose diffuse through the capillaries because they're so small and thin then it goes into the fluid surrounds tissue cells which goes into your blood. The transfer of digested food from the digestive system to the circulatory system takes place primarily in the small intestines.

The least common multiple (LCM) is often also called the lowest common multiple or smallest common multiple. Keep in mind that these different terms all refer to the same thing: the smallest positive integer which is a multiple of two or more numbers.The least common multiple of 8 and 4024 is 4024.

By achieving attention being drawn to equality -for all.

Minerals with a hardness greater than around 7 on the Mohs hardness scale will not leave a streak on a standard unglazed porcelain streak plate. They will instead scratch and powder the streak plate.

his favorite food was roasted chicken covered in lard

Salt rock is the same as rock salt also known at grit it is used on roads when they are icy or when it has been snowing or has been cold! :)

the haka is a anchient maori war cry from new zealand it was used to intimidate other tribes before battle new zealanders perform the haka nowdays to intimadate others and to show respect

A thematic summary is meant to give the concise idea behind an idea or narrative. Thematic summaries are often used in many forms of writing and speech.

The twelve tables were a lot like the 10 commandments!

A cell membrane is put together by kraunts.

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